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Hexxeh updates Chrome OS build, now more kick-ass than ever (Download Squad)

Feb 26th 2010 7:33AM I have the tri-boot setup running fine on my desktop
WinXP / Ubuntu9.10 / ChromeOS Cherry (from Hexxeh)

I will be updating to this build. I think you need an Ubuntu install as the Chrome OS uses Grub (or Grub2) to boot. The Windows bootloader seems not to work with Chrome - i think windows just likes being in charge ::)

Anyway, the USB and VM are impressive, but i didn't see the speed until it was installed on th harddisk. It needs two (very) small partitions which was a fiddle at first but on completion the results are brilliant.

I have NEVER seen an OS boot so fast. I counted 2 seconds from power-on to login screen, on a SSD Netbook install.
Very nice ::)

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