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Some intimate details on the Google YouTube Deal (Blog Maverick)

Oct 31st 2006 7:03AM

So the ultimate outcome is that YouTube will eventually just be an oulet for home videos - and Google Video will be their outlet for copyright videos?

Kevin Rose cracks (or "how to know when you've won the debate") (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Jul 25th 2006 6:27PM There is room for both business models - as a so-called, top digger - it would be nice to get extra income to SURVIVE in the world !

After all, the 1000+ Submissions have helped MANY MANY MANY Companies get noticed - ---- BUT, the almost 100 HOMEPAGE submissions have REALLY helped COMPLETE strangers all over the world, who will NEVER know you enough to even say Thank You!

Paying the top DIGG/REDDIT/Flickr/Newsvine users (or "$1,000 a month for doing what you're already doing.") (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Jul 19th 2006 5:27PM

However, I'm absolutely convinced that the top 20 people on DIGG, Delicious, Flickr, MySpace, and Reddit are worth $1,000 a month

Oh the perils of being #28 :LOL

But then KR is #21

Microsoft workers use Google Search (The Unofficial Google Weblog)

Jun 30th 2006 9:50PM Out of courtesy - this was posted on the Channel 9 MSN Forum - to give them a change to set the record straitht

Here are the replies from those who chose to respond to the challange

Google Trends for Search Marketing (The Search Engine Marketing Weblog)

May 21st 2006 10:33PM What is so perplexing is why are they not showing the approximate amount of searches.

A graph without numbers cheats and frustrates the users who want to fully analyze the trend results

Google and Microsoft on Collision Course? (The Unofficial Google Weblog)

May 18th 2006 1:38AM Their PUBLIC RELATIONS persona is probably geared towards the illusion they want to present to the world as being self assured and confident.

Google Yahoo and MSN - MUST pay close attention to their foes. How can any entity remain competative with out being paranoid about the competition?

It is certainly NO coincidence that whenever one comes out with a new Web Service or Labs Beta - the others follow within months.

What we all need: tie-pod (Weblogs, Inc.)

May 14th 2006 9:13PM :LOL This is so ironic - because a commuter actually added a patch to the back of their tie to hold their Ipod Nano for just that problem.

They did not like the way it felt in their Shirt pocket, kept falling on the side)

Google buying XML conversion Software Company (The Unofficial Google Weblog)

May 13th 2006 12:25AM Apparently, that deal did NOT go through. After many detailed interviews - the public explanation is that the Olive product did NOT fully meet Google's expectations.

Google's New Search Screens Exposed (The Unofficial Google Weblog)

Apr 20th 2006 10:18PM That feature may be just for Personalized Searches

None of the DataCenters are showing those SERPs for the term Warming - the only site in that screenshot that is on any of them is the one at #1

Ten video sharing services compared (DV Guru)

Apr 7th 2006 11:12PM This is valuable, will Reddit it