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uSBuntu Live Creator makes portable Ubuntu installs a breeze (Download Squad)

Jul 21st 2009 1:14PM The drives that actually perform faster will post their speed specs because it is a good selling point. Usually if the speed is not posted, the drive will be slow. So if there isnt a posted speed, stay clear from them.

Toshiba one-ups Philips with AquilionONE CT scanner (Engadget)

Nov 28th 2007 4:26PM Toshiba has always been on the forefront with their CT and M line (like Lexus and Infiniti). The problem is that American doctors are so old fashioned, they keep using thier Chryslers and Fords (GE and Siemens). The time has come to accept the better product.

New Zune review (part 2): upgrade, hardware, software and Social (Engadget)

Nov 19th 2007 7:49PM Yes Shisyan,

I do SERIOUSLY own the Zune 80. It's currently connected to my PC and downloading podcasts. I wish I could erase podcasts (that I listened to) from the Zune software list. It's a beautiful player and can really smoke the iPod, if there were a little more functionality. It just seems lame that it can hardly do anything...sure wireless is cool, recording TV from my MCE is cool. But I want an MP3 player with MP3 player functions. One thing I forgot to mention earlier is that my Blackberry Curve is currently my favorite portabel media player. I can upload my DVD movies to it, it plays music, and surfs the internet (although with a bad browser). My guess is that the next version of the Blackberry is going to rock the world....wait and see.

New Zune review (part 2): upgrade, hardware, software and Social (Engadget)

Nov 19th 2007 1:08AM I forgot to mention, the Zune interface is OK. It could b emuch better if we could simply remove entries from the Podcast lists. For example, after listening to a show, I would like to remove the entry alltogether, not just mark the font in grey for (already listened to).

The really annoying thing is that there is no owner's manual or CD with an electronic version. Instead, you are forced to go to the Zune site to poke around, clicking all over the place to find out that your question will not be answered by the supplied information. They don't even have a PDF version of the manual to download, so doing a quick search for a specific topic is time consuming and useless. VERY, VERY frustrating. I really want to love my Zune, instead I think it's something that has so much potential, but leaves you unhappy. Accepting it for what it is and for what it currently does, I can see how someone can love it. But I have too many devices that do so much more..again the reason why I feel ripped off.

New Zune review (part 2): upgrade, hardware, software and Social (Engadget)

Nov 19th 2007 12:44AM I am so disappointed at my new Zune 80. I feel for all teh hype befoer the Zune launch and now feel like a sucker. Aside from separating podcasts from music, where is the real podcast support? It should have the ability to bookmark and increase the speed of the podcasts, not to mention delete on the fly....or at the very least "mark" for deletion.
I have the old Creative Zen Xtra, Zen Micro, iRiver H20, Archos 4 BG MP3 player, and Sansa e200 (I don't buy anything Apple). ALL of these players have given me satisfaction and ALL give me flexability to do more. It seems that Microsoft made teh Zune 2 for dummies. There isn't much you can do with it. I will admit it has a stellar interface and I love the screen, but feel so ripped off having paid this much for a player that can't do basic things that would be expected in 2007.
I'm just glad I didn't buy the flash Zunes I was going to get as gifts. I guess I'll have to stick with Creative and Sansas for now. Anyone want to buy my Zune 80?

Mossberg's new Zune review sounds familiar (Engadget)

Nov 14th 2007 4:56PM Sadly, I purchased the 80 gig with such great fanfair. I hate everything Apple,so no fanboy here, but this Zune really dissapoints me. It doesn't do so many basic things that it should do like delete on the fly or have the option to increase the speed on podcasts. I don't want to, but I think I'm going to return it. I will have to look elswhere as my Iriver is dying..so maybe Creative or Sansa???? How sad, I waited so long and was so upbeat about the new Zune.

Zune 80 not available in stores? (Engadget)

Nov 14th 2007 4:28PM I got my Zune 80 at Circuit City yesterday morning along with a $25 gift certificate. If anyone wants one, go to Circuit City as I am going to return mine. I am sooooo disapointed at the many things my Zune cannot do. It is a slick device with a slick interface and navigation is top notch. But it doesn't do the basic things I was expecting it do like delete on the fly or speed up teh speed on a podcast. With so much thought put into making this Zune, I'm surprised at how little thought they put in (if that makes any sense). And I am not an Apple fanboy, I hate Apple and ipods (they suck just as much, but actually do more). So I'm sticking with my iRiver for now until a new non-Apple device comes out that is worth-while.

Apple concedes to iMac freezing bug, promises fix (Engadget)

Oct 5th 2007 10:06PM Mac People are so cool and individual and different from the rest of the world...........hmmmmmmm, let's see.

Sounds to me like they are all alike! To be different and cool, they get Apple stuff, just like the 80 year old man I saw at the Apple store buying an iMac and the 40 year father buying himself that iPod. The 50 year old lady which bought herself an iPhone!!
Boy, all of these people are really succeeding at their main goal...to be cool, hip, and individual!! ROTLF!

You want to really be hip, cool, and individual? Put together your own PC, whether it has a Linux variant or Windows. Then customize it even more to your liking....this makes you individual. Hip and cool come from the way you act, not buying the stupid products everybody else already has.

Apple concedes to iMac freezing bug, promises fix (Engadget)

Oct 5th 2007 9:32PM I'm an IT Director for a medium sized (600 users) clothing company. Our marketing and design departments have been on Macs for well over 10 years. I have a new 24" iMac and Macbook Pro at home, along with an XP and Vista machine. So two PCs and two Macs.

From experience at work and at home I can say that if there were an equal amount of Macs (with their current capabilities) in this world as there are PCs, my guess would be that there would be more Mac issues than PC issues. The whole "blue-screen-of-death" has been carried over from the Windows 98 days. I tend to have more Mac problems at home than PC problems. At work, we get our fair share of MAc problems.

If Macs did everything a PC can do, Apple would be in big trouble. Apples do very little and they do it in a "fashionable" and cool way. But some of our Design and Marketing people will not use Macs and they can produce the same results as all the other Macs in the office. It just doesn't have a "cool" way of doing it.

I will have to admit though, that as much as I am trying to fight it, I am starting to veer away from the Mac. The reason is becasue most of my Mac friends have a chip on their shoulders. And it seems to stem around the fact that they use "Apple" products and refuse to try a PC. The PC people are the open-minded ones. They are are willing to try out something new like the Mac and they may never turn back, but at least they have an open mind.