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Dance Central 2 February DLC includes 'Milkshake,' 'Party Rock Anthem' (Joystiq)

Jan 30th 2012 7:51PM @bigblue02005
Just dance 3's interpretation of party rock anthem sucks.

Google Search Backgrounds Live for All (Switched)

Jun 10th 2010 11:39AM Fail in my opinion. I can't stand the background images on Bing, one reason I don't use Bing. That crappy fade in transition is even more pronounced now. Time to fix it with stylish.

Kindle DX trial at Darden concludes it's academically woeful, personally enjoyable (Engadget)

May 13th 2010 11:16AM I'm actually going to Darden in the fall and was hoping to use an iPad for my textbooks. I hope the iPad experience is more suitable.

We now pronounce this Japanese Xbox game 'My Wife' (Joystiq)

Apr 28th 2010 2:52PM Joustiq, isn't it a little late for an April fools joke?

NYT: PS3 to stream live Major League Baseball games (Joystiq)

Apr 22nd 2010 11:27AM This is so awesome, definitely going to get this!

PSN inaccessible, Trophy-supporting games unplayable on non-Slim PS3s [update 4] (Joystiq)

Feb 28th 2010 10:46PM Sony's just updated their twitter, they say they've narrowing down the issue.

Sony 'actively thinking about' charging for PSN, not offering more Blu-ray game downloads (Joystiq)

Feb 3rd 2010 11:25AM If they plan to charge for the status quo I won't pay for it. I won't pay for any online play service. I imagine this would end up hurting sales of games since without online multi-player many games would be better to rent.

Vimeo introduces HTML5 video mode, Chrome and Safari users rejoice (Download Squad)

Jan 22nd 2010 12:04PM Ok, still very buggy, specifically the sound. Almost deafened me.

Is Facebook becoming Spambook? Apps can now demand your email address (Download Squad)

Jan 21st 2010 1:03PM It seems like Facebook doesn't know what they're doing. I don't use Facebook anymore and never used FB apps but this is only going to annoy users. It's obvious that Facebook is trying to alleviate the inbox and notifcation app spam with this move. However, this move isn't fixing the issue but merely sweeping it under the rug which is your own email inbox. I can honestly say email spam is much more annoying than an insignificant FB inbox.