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Farewell, Internet (Download Squad)

Apr 12th 2011 3:30PM This is terrible! AOL is making a huge mistake! Download squad was one one of the best tech blogs out there! You will be sorely missed!

Google Chrome and Chromium add protection against malicious downloads (Download Squad)

Apr 6th 2011 12:11AM Google Chrome is awesome, but it really needs a much better download manager.

Download every Sports Illustrated 2011 Swimsuit photo with a simple Perl script (Download Squad)

Feb 17th 2011 12:35AM I downloaded 1204 files. Is that all of them or are there more?

This is why you should use Internet Explorer 9 (Download Squad)

Sep 23rd 2010 3:50PM IE9 is a good improvement, but it still FAILS when compared to Google Chrome. Chrome opens faster and renders pages quicker. Also IE9 FAILS when it comes to the HTML5 test. It scores 96/300.

It comparison, the most recent builds of Google Chrome score 241/300.

Google Chrome FTW! Any day and everyday!

Insync is like Dropbox for Google Docs, and it's awesome (Download Squad)

Sep 14th 2010 3:41PM This doesn't seem to actually be the solution for those of us with 250 GB of Google Storage. Read below:

Norton, Kaspersky share top spot in Q2 testing of antivirus apps on Windows 7 (Download Squad)

Aug 19th 2010 10:39AM Yeah, just wait until MSE ver 2 comes out of beta. Why anyone would pay for Norton AV, while there are great free alternatives is just a little mind boggling. I think a lot of this misconception of having to pay for AV comes from Best Buy and other retailers who just want to to pay subscription fees every year.

Giveaway: Win a copy of Immunet Antivirus 2.0 Plus! (Download Squad)

Jul 8th 2010 1:31PM Immunet definitely has some great innovation with this new anti-virus! Let's hope it raises the bar in the AV market.

TeamViewer releases iPhone remote support app, and it rocks (Download Squad)

Mar 5th 2010 3:47PM Nevermind, it looks like only the pro version is expensive. I will have to try the free one out. Thanks for this great article.

TeamViewer releases iPhone remote support app, and it rocks (Download Squad)

Mar 5th 2010 3:43PM A hundred bucks for an app is crazy! Not many people will buy this app in my opinion. The LogMeIn app is only $30.

BaseKit beta give-away and exclusive 'webinar' for Download Squad readers (Download Squad)

Feb 11th 2010 3:45PM Please send me a beta invite for BaseKit. Thanks!

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