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MobileMe to go down for scheduled maintenance (

Aug 26th 2010 3:52PM Or it's the update that allows users to use FaceTime on their new iPod Touch 4Gs...

iTunes 9 Focus: iTunes Media organization (

Sep 11th 2009 6:33PM The one pain in the backside is that I have a few releases from the iTunes store with PDF booklets, which the organisation decided to leave behind in the root directory under the Artist/Album folders. Top.

What new goodies await us on the 9th? (

Sep 8th 2009 8:48PM I think the flyer gives it away - rock and "roll", as in iPod with camera roll? :)

Worldwide Mac: getting online in New Zealand (

Jun 13th 2009 2:27AM I'm with Slingshot in Auckland and on their ADSL2 plan, The Next Big Thing. For $90 a month, I get 25Gb of data, a phone line (with no Telecom line rental and better voicemail), data banking and free off-peak traffic (between 1am and 7am, it doesn't count towards your cap).

While I very, very rarely hit the supposed 24Mbp/s (3MB/s), it can vary between a max of 1.7MB/s in less busy times and downright terrible at peak times, usually around 120KB/s.

You are right about streaming video - even watching standard def. videos on Youtube is painful. With HD, you just have to start it, pause it and come back half an hour later!!

Still, it's relatively cheap, they just need to sort out whatever they need to do to get us to the full speeds their hardware is apparently capable of!

Apple posts "black friday" teaser, doesn't divulge deals (

Nov 26th 2008 5:11AM The great thing is that this has been extended to international stores too, such as the UK and New Zealand. The NZ store even has a section to enter your email address to be emailed when the discounts go live. Seeing as we get to Friday before everyone else, it'll be interesting to see when the discounts go live and how much they are!

Apple also releases iPhone OS for iPod touch 2.2 (

Nov 22nd 2008 12:00AM The app store is now doing updates and even includes an 'Update All' option now!

Apple also releases iPhone OS for iPod touch 2.2 (

Nov 21st 2008 3:23AM New features :

Safari - New URL/search bar combo that expand each field to full width when tapped

App Store - Apps now show multiple screenshots for an app if available. Tapping one will display a full screen gallery of screenshots.

Issues :

Podcasts - I can now download episodes over wifi, but the app store can't tell what I've already subscribed to and downloaded. It shows existing episodes as downloadable.

App Store - The updates section of the App Store won't pick up any of the updates for the apps, but I'm assuming it's because the Apple servers are getting caned by the 2.2 updates going on!!

Video: iPhone 3G unboxing and first look (Engadget)

Jul 11th 2008 5:29AM Spotted that too - didn't you get a retail unit? Also, how did you get around the activation/Vodafone sign up or did you buy one for the full NZ$1129 asking price?

Why you shouldn't buy the iPhone 3G on Friday (

Jul 8th 2008 7:18PM The unit price in NZ is shocking, unless you sign up to an NZ$250 a month plan! The best part is the price for a unit alone - NZ$979 (US$732) for the 8Gb and NZ$1129 (US$844) for the 16Gb. I think there will be a huge grey import market, once people realise that the phone can be unlocked quite easily. I'll stick with my Nokia and iPod Touch thanks!

TUAW predicts WWDC '08 (

Jun 6th 2008 4:48PM No-one has even mentioned the iPods. The whole game for Apple is to move into the portable all-round devices arena, so while the iPhone covers that, until the Mac-tablet-nano comes into the picture, the Touch range will surely be improved on. If nothing else, I'd expect that the iPhone 2 will have a top capacity of 32Gb, with the usual doubling of the top end Touch to 64Gb.

Also, we're about due for an all-over brushed aluminium look, aren't we? They did it with the iPod mini, then the Nano (which admittedly went half-way back with it's current model), but I expect them to lose the shiny scratch-magnet back surface as well!