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Rumor: iOS 5 will be a 'major revamp,' won't debut until fall (

Mar 27th 2011 6:58PM About 90% of the human population lives in the Nothern Hemisphere. Don't pin this on "American bloggers" and "American companies". When 9 out of 10 people live in the Northern Hemisphere they aren't going to really be careful about not annoying the ~10% who lives in the Southern Hemisphere.

GroupMe group messaging service launches beta BlackBerry app (Download Squad)

Mar 21st 2011 6:08PM @kojo87 The group chats include people without blackberries. I know versions of BBM have been announced for iOS and Android but they probably don't support group chat.

This also works with "dumb phones" which wouldn't be able to install a BBM app anyhow.

Have a MacBook Pro with a faulty GPU and no AppleCare? You may still be covered (

Mar 8th 2011 8:34PM Is this why Apple replaced my logic board a few months ago even though I only needed a flex cable and left side i/o board?

I didn't complain because it was a new motherboard 2 months after my Applecare had expired and it probably added a few years to my machine's life.

However it doesn't seem like the 15 Inch Santa Rosa was under that.

Mac 101: Import Windows Media Audio files into iTunes (

Dec 7th 2010 9:53AM mmmm, Lossy to lossy transcoding.

Linux now makes ice cream. Can your OS do that? (Download Squad)

May 11th 2010 11:57PM We apparently have one of these on campus, though I haven't seen it.

US Government: iPad and other smart mobile devices may strain networks (

Feb 3rd 2010 7:27PM How many "mainstream computers" are running on a 3G Cellular network though?

US Government: iPad and other smart mobile devices may strain networks (

Feb 3rd 2010 6:58PM About the poll option "Uncalled for -- government should stop over-regulating everything. Let consumer courts take care of any complaints". I don't see what this has to do with over regulation. It's more of a statement about the awful quality of the network infrastructure in the US. Telling the service providers they need to step it up is a good thing and isn't regulation at all.