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Uvumi builds a community for musicians and fans - Interview + tour (Download Squad)

Apr 1st 2010 9:59AM Wow fun story! Erez had sent me a few more questions that I didn't reply to in time for this post, but I am including them below in case anyone is interested:

1) Do you have any plans for a pop-out player, or for streaming m3u files?

We don't currently have plans for a pop-out player, although if
enough people request that feature we will gladly add it to our list
of future development ideas. When you ask about streaming M3U files,
I assume that would be a method of using an external music player
(like VLC or Winamp). We don't actually have plans for that at this
time, but again, we're open to building new features when the
community demands them, so this is certainly something we could end up
doing in the future.

2) Do you have any plans for an embeddable player (so that people could post tracks from Uvumi to their blogs etc)?

We absolutely have plans for an embeddable player! The primary
goal of Uvumi is to help artists promote their work and get heard by
as many potential new fans as possible, and allowing members to embed
playlists and songs from their favorite artists into blogs, websites,
and other communities is a big step in that direction. At this point
we are limited by our existing resources, which is why we have not yet
developed this feature, but it is definitely something to expect from
us in the future.

3) I noticed the page title shows "current page" rather than "currently playing artist", so if I'm in another tab I have to switch to Uvumi to find out who I'm listening to. Is that by design?

It is by design, but you make a very good point that it would be
nice to see the currently playing song in your window title bar. We
built Uvumi with well-known SEO standards in mind, in order to help
artist profiles reach the first page of search results on the major
engines, and page titles are a critical part of that design. However,
we could update the design to support this feature without affecting
our SEO friendliness, so this is another improvement we would like to
make in the future.

4) I've noticed that unlike T61, there's no autoplay. Is that also by design, or will that change?

Uvumi does not auto-play on any page, and that is definitely by
design. We believe that visitors should be in full control of their
experience on, and when a website auto-plays media upon
arrival, that removes a level of control because it would mean
performing an action without the visitor specifically requesting that
action. I personally feel that auto-play is invasive and annoying,
but again, if this became something that our members requested on a
large scale, we would certainly consider implementing it if we were
convinced it would improve the Uvumi experience.

Music site TheSixtyOne overhauls design, now even cooler! (Download Squad)

Jan 23rd 2010 9:48PM One thing is for sure, T61 has certainly taken a giant leap. Whether that leap is forward or backward, or sideways, is not entirely clear, because it is such a dramatic change from the original design that, really, it's an entirely new website now. Personally, I don't like it in terms of usability, but I do think it is quite impressive from a graphic design standpoint. So minimal, so cutting-edge. But is that good? Is it good for fans? Is it good for the music community?

Full discolsure: I run which is the only music website (other than T61) with a truly seamless music player that allows browsing around the site without any interruptions in the audio stream, and without the use of a popup window. Uvumi is different from thesixtyone because it is focused more on providing artists with a free and valuable promotional platform (including free PDF electronic press kits), and less on being a social game to discover new music ( is not a game, but it does have social features). There is a lot of independent music on Uvumi, but I absolutely recognize that we don't offer as captivating a discovery experience for fans as thesixtyone. At least compared to the old T61 site.

That said, Erez and commentors, I would love to hear your opinion of the project, and I invite you all to have a look at our modest project which was built from scratch by a team that is absolutely dedicated to the music community and to the artists who work so hard to make it in today's music marketplace.

As for thesixtyone, I remain inspired and impressed by what they have done, even if I don't like the new interface. It certainly is visually pleasing! But it also is not nearly as easy to find music as it once was.