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Grooveshark yanked from App Store, pandas everywhere made sad (Download Squad)

Aug 18th 2010 11:26AM For every "android" phone, there are 10 to 20 "iPhones". Maybe google should make a "iPod" device to make android cheaper.

Is Google trying to out-Digg Digg? (Download Squad)

Apr 28th 2009 5:00PM who gives a crap. I hate digg and popular.

Sprint posts Q3 net loss of $326 million, sees 1.3 million subs leave (Engadget)

Nov 7th 2008 1:10PM NOTE TO SPRINT, GET GSM SIM CARDS! duuuhhhh

AT&T Fuze hitting on November 11 for $299.99? (Engadget)

Nov 6th 2008 4:40PM Meh, I already have it. You poor saps have to wait.

Dell Mini 9 hacked to run OS X (Engadget)

Oct 3rd 2008 12:15PM OMG this is sooo old. Ive been following this hack for 2 weeks on insanelymac.com forums. And whats worse gizmodo put a story on this yesterday. What happen to you guys?

Poll: Is firmware 2.1 actually boosting your signal? (Engadget)

Sep 12th 2008 2:22PM The truth comes out, AT&T just makes your phone have 2-3 more bars than what your signal your getting. So its FAKE BARS but still shitty service. Nice.

Hackers embed flashing animations on epilepsy support forum (Engadget)

Mar 30th 2008 11:16AM Well I have to admit, I laughed my ass off. And unless you have some proof of who did it, I wouldn't go around blaming people. Remember innocent until proven guilty.

CES 2008 ultimate swag bag giveaway: like a Xmas stocking in January (Engadget)

Jan 11th 2008 2:26PM The New Harmony Remote! fantastic! PICK ME!

NewEgg mistakenly ships out five Eee PCs for the price of one (Engadget)

Nov 6th 2007 2:31AM Thanks newegg, time to post these bad boys on ebay.