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Fillerati is a wonderful generator for filler text (Download Squad)

Oct 5th 2010 12:24AM Well this could obviously go on all day ... here's my point again. We use lorem ipsum because we don't want to distract users (other than Classics scholars) from the design. Being distracted from the design because you're looking at the text is bad. Any argument you make for the use of legible, distracting text has to beat that argument.

Fillerati is a wonderful generator for filler text (Download Squad)

Oct 4th 2010 8:35PM > If you've had as many clients as I have get caught up reading Lorem Ipsum and badgering me with questions about "why is that text there?" ...

This is a generic problem for all designers. You just have to explain, the way you need to explain about a hundred other things to your clients, if they're new to the process.

Also, you would STILL have problem whether it's lorem ipsum or Moby Dick. You don't think they'd ask "why are there twenty paragraphs about the brutal slaughter and dismemberment of whales on my page?", especially if they're the least bit Green.

> At least this way you can say, "it's from Moby Dick, now get me some real content!"

You can say this with lorem ipsum too.

> I'm tired of lorem ipsum

If you're tired specifically of the text of lorem ipsum, then you can get lots of other bits of Latin online and use that. Or use the generator here: which will mix things up a bit so it's not always the same.

Fillerati is a wonderful generator for filler text (Download Squad)

Oct 4th 2010 7:55PM This idea is completely stupid. It ignores the whole point of lorem ipsum, which is that you shouldn't be distracted from the design by reading the words. Plus, the same idea was floated about three years ago when it was the words to cartoon theme songs. Totally, totally missing the point.

On the plus side, I'm glad to see it's text from Edgar Rice Burroughs, not William Burroughs. There's distracting and there's distracting...

iClothing: Fashionable (?) iPad wearables from Australia (

May 25th 2010 5:31PM What's funny is, the iPad isn't even available in Australia.

McDonald's starts dishing out free WiFi at most of its U.S. restaurants (Engadget)

Jan 15th 2010 7:27PM We've had McDonalds free in Australia for a year or so now too. It's very convenient. My local McDonalds isn't even a 'restaurant', it's one of those hole-in-the-wall ones, in a food court. So any customer of any food place can use it.

I think McDonalds tests out a lot of its new ideas in Australia, it was the same with the McCafé.