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Farewell, Internet (Download Squad)

Apr 12th 2011 8:36PM I'm very saddened to hear about this. Download Squad was definitely one of my favorite sites.

MacUpdate Spring Bundle details and giveaway (TUAW.com)

Mar 26th 2011 6:50AM Parallels 6 is my favorite app of the bundle.

Twitter backpedals on the Quickbar, makes it no longer cover tweets (Download Squad)

Mar 9th 2011 1:14PM I hope that Twitter gives the option to disable the quick bar altogether. I'm happy to see it is less annoying and you only see it when you scroll all the way to the top.

Sync your address book to Google and back it up (TUAW.com)

Mar 9th 2011 1:11PM I've never run into any issues syncing my Google Address Book with the one on my Mac. I understand that things are formatted differently between the two, but other than that, I don't run into any issues. I better cross my fingers that I didn't just jinx myself.

Used iPads selling well on eBay and Gazelle (TUAW.com)

Mar 8th 2011 7:56PM Gazelle is actually giving $300 for a 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad is the best condition. I mailed mine yesterday. I also got an extra $15 by using a bonus code. Gazelle is scheduled to receive my iPad tomorrow. Hopefully it won't take too long for them to inspect it so I can get paid. Then it's off to get an iPad 2.

Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread comes to Nexus One with WebM, disables Facebook contact sync (Download Squad)

Feb 23rd 2011 11:13AM I'm sure the lack of Facebook contact syncing might upset some people, but I'm happy about it. I don't like mixing Facebook contacts with my phone book because I don't interact with most people on Facebook in person.

Firefox 4, 5, 6 and 7 to be released before the end of 2011 (Download Squad)

Feb 7th 2011 9:34AM I'm glad to see Mozilla taking this approach. Hopefully it does not reduce the quality of their releases and they'll be able to catch up with Chrome.

AppSumo Supercharge OS X bundle giveaway (Download Squad)

Jan 18th 2011 6:02AM Here's hoping I win.

Mighty Eagle soars in for the holidays as in-app Angry Birds purchase (TUAW.com)

Dec 24th 2010 2:01PM I thought that once you beat a level, you would be able to use the Mighty Eagle for free. Apparently not. Hopefully once you pay $0.99, you'll be able to use the Mighty Eagle as much as you want on levels you've already beaten.