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Install any OS on a Google CR-48 laptop with Luigi (Download Squad)

Jan 4th 2011 12:24AM Google may not necessarily mind people replacing the OS -- they have a page on the Chromium developers page detailing how to install Ubuntu on it, after all, and openly tell you how to enter the Linux shell terminal mode to start tinkering around with its underlying system.

I was given a Cr-48. Right now, though, it's not worth the hassle to me (I already own a good Windows 7 notebook and an 11" Macbook Air). But I love knowing I could replace its OS if I want to, so I've been saving these links for future reference.

Will 'The Good Guys' Survive for Another Season? (AOL TV)

Dec 13th 2010 2:54PM The rumor has been that The Good Guys was only created to burn off expensive talent holding agreements that FOX had individually with Bradford Whitley, Colin Hanks and Matt Nix. The three were ordered to work together and told to do a light-hearted cop show set in Atlanta, as the story goes. (But the setting was switched to Dallas when that city offered better tax-break incentives to FOX. This is why Dan Stark has a '70s mustache and drives a Trans AM -- they're homages to Smokey & The Bandit.)

If true, this would explain a lot: why FOX stuck with airing the series despite its bad ratings, and why none of the three men have come off as too enthusiastic about promoting or continuing the series.

'The Walking Dead' Season 1, Episode 6 (Season Finale) Recap (VIDEO) (AOL TV)

Dec 6th 2010 9:56PM Jenner's whisper to Rick (and why was it Rick he whispered to?):

It wouldn't surprise me if Darabont and Kirkman themselves at present have not decided what Jenner whispered. They may be considering a couple of possibilities, which they will pick when they convene to map out the second season.

Why is Android such a failure with women? (Download Squad)

Oct 15th 2010 5:19PM 1. It's the designs of most of the phones.

2. And the marketing.

Change these two in the order above and things will improve for Android smartphones among women.

Was George W. Bush Dumb? David Letterman Tries to Answer This Question (VIDEO) (AOL TV)

Oct 6th 2010 5:26AM Bush wasn't an idiot. Frankly, he just didn't care much about the consequences of his actions or the people (non-Americans) they affected. Nor did most of his supporters, who still feel the same way today, by the way. He may have played the fool, but he never was an idiot.

'Lone Star' Canceled, But Fox Could've Saved It (AOL TV)

Sep 29th 2010 3:27PM Regarding the status of episodes 3 to 6, they may not even have been properly edited, undergone complete post-production work. If FOX has told the production to stop all work, then it's unlikely these episodes will be completed, even if footage has already been shot.

Mulve, the free and non-P2P music download app, shut down by RIAA (Download Squad)

Sep 29th 2010 12:52PM "pirateapp".

well at least they were honest when naming their app. :)

Sundays With Seth: 'Family Guy' and 'Cleveland Show' Recap (AOL TV)

Sep 27th 2010 1:41PM We didn't see Diane Simmons' body. So she could return.

Meghan McCain Nearly Overdosed on Xanax, Wants to Be Honest About Her Flaws (VIDEO) (AOL TV)

Sep 21st 2010 8:52AM I like Meghan, really, as she seems to be a genuinely cool, reasonable, and intellectually curious person. But it seems a bit... I don't know, attention-whoring of her, and Bristol too, to be seeking the public eye so much. I mean, what is she hoping to gain? She isn't running for public office. (At least with Bristol, she's probably doing it for the cash.)

ComicRack, eComic reader and library management (Download Squad)

Sep 2nd 2010 6:16PM I just use the old standby: CDisplay. Its not fancy but it simply works, and works very fast.

I used ComicRack for a long while, but I think it's a bit bloated and performs slower than it should.