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Best Buy selling hoarded PS3s tomorrow morning (Joystiq)

Dec 31st 2006 12:27PM Fry's has had the PS3s in stock for a while- but they aren't selling very quick as they are selling 'bundles only' for $950...

Lawyer pays $350K for Batman Forever Batmobile (Autoblog)

Sep 16th 2006 1:56PM this makes me sick; some dumb-ass benefiting from other people's misfortune and wasting it on frivilious crap. maybe karma will come through and this bastard will end up with lung cancer...

Million dollar bed floats on magnets (Engadget)

Jul 5th 2006 1:37AM Actually- I don't think magnetic fields (as in natural magnets) are not all that bad for you- they are only bad for you if they are of the electromagnic type; especially those EM fields created by AC power... I see all kinds of magnetic shoe insoles and bracelts for sale that are actually said to be beneficial to the body (yea- just like quartz crystals)

My question is what does this thing do to laptop and ipod hard drives that come too near the areas that are not 'safe for credit cards' and such?

And I would be tripping over those damn cables all the time- what the hell were they thinking with those?

Pioneer BDR-101A Blu-ray burner now available, for just $999 (Engadget)

May 18th 2006 5:16PM #24 the data layer on Blu-Ray is very close to the protective coating- not in the center of the disk as with DVDs; I think Blu-Ray data starts about 0.1mm below the surface (vs. 0.6mm for DVD or HD-DVD)- so if the surface does get scratched it could be hard to repair...

Personally I hope HD-DVDs win the 'format war' as they are cheaper to make and Sony is not involved in the mix. Sony used to be awesome but they have issues since they are producing the content and the hardware- I think they are trying milk consumers for $$ in every possible way...

Apple trying to include iPod video content on Blu-ray discs? (Engadget)

Apr 25th 2006 5:31PM Now what would really be clever is an integrated converter / downsampler in the BlueRay player that could detect an attached device (ipod, Archos, PSP) and dynamically create and transfer a movie across USB to the device- for a 'video on the go' option.

Of course that would kill iTunes, UMD video and other such sales- but maybe there is a way that Sony/Hollywood could charge per copy made to each device?

Hmm? then you could allow a network share and play on Windows MCE capable devices (on a pay-per-view ticket) and distribute the video all over the house?

I see BlueRay eventually sitting in a dusty box next to the BetaMax, DAT, MiniDisc formats and (hopefully soon) the Memory Stick, UMD and AIT formats?

RIM, NTP settle for $612 million ... finally (Engadget)

Mar 3rd 2006 7:28PM #9 in agreeance with #12- all of the notifications options (sound, vibrate, etc) are adjustable via the profiles- unless your dad had a very old unit; I have a custom profile setup for 'phone only' which only makes a noise when the phone rings- otherwise it is silent as a brick.

the password complexity is configured by the company's blackberry admin- so blame them for that. we use a four letter password and we can use things like zzzc or three spaces and a z. even better is that our blackberries are configured to completey wipe the unit after 10 failed password attempts- you have to reload the firmware to get them back!

the new blackberrie OSes allow you to make calls without unlocking- but you do not get access to the address book as that would make it fairly insecure if the unit was lost.

Pioneer BDP-HD1 Blu-ray player coming in May (Engadget)

Jan 4th 2006 6:17PM but can it play CDs?

Toshiba announces Gigashot hard drive camcorders ... again (Engadget)

Jan 4th 2006 6:04PM Sweet! I was looking at the JVC Everio recorders (20GB and 30GB) and I was waiting for the next versions to come out to fix some of their minor issues. Now that others are releasing similar products prices should start to get a little more competitive... :o)

Film studios set to release Blu-ray and HD DVD titles today (Engadget)

Jan 4th 2006 9:44AM I will stay with DVDs upsampled to 1080i with Windows MCE 2005 for a while; the only major difference I noticed in true 1080i versions of total recall and Terminator 2 (WMVHD discs) were that I could see more of the original film effects (scratches, blotches, etc).

I am still unclear of the real need for blue-ray, (other than it can scratch much easier as the protective layer is much thinner). I found a 1080p version of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (extended edition) on Usenet and both discs were a total of 24GB. A dual layer HD-DVD will be 30GB (vs. 50GB for blue-ray) which still allows another 6GB of useless information on a disc.

So why should I care about another 26GB of unused space on a disc for a 4+ hour 1080p DVD movie?

Sony has mis-managed their legacy of proprietary formats as they try to control the pricing on them; I will not spend $50 on a movie- no matter how good it is or how many ?features? you through in.

Sony tried to release pre-recorded music on mini-disc for $25 each (with DRM, of course)- I think I saw about 20 albums before this was dropped. How are the UMD movies for the PSP selling? Perhaps I should add in the Betamax, DAT and the Memorystick?

If Sony's form hold true, this format will me much more expensive to make/sell, it will have extreme usage limitations, it will not be user friendly, and Sony will support it for the next year but continue to push the format for the next decade. Other companies behind the format will support the product for a time but migrate to the other format as Sony demands high licensing fees to cover their research costs/greed.

I believe that Sony makes proprietary formats in an effort to control the media and content and generate income based on format licensing for themselves- but they have fallen on their face with this strategy every single time. Unless they make some major changes this will continue to happen again and again; their technology is usually cutting edge when it comes out and this last for about a year- and then it is just overpriced old technology.

Time will tell and I will see if BlueRay catches on or if there are a lot of disgruntled owners of BlueRay players this time next year with no media to play in them as everyone but Sony has jumped ship for the cheaper HD-DVD format.

Predictions for 2006? (Engadget)

Jan 1st 2006 9:57PM let's see...

blue ray will be as popular as the minidisc/betamax/memory stick/UMD, boeing will relase an anti-gravity machine, micro black-hole experiments will reveal an 8th dimension inhabited by creatures (all named John), there will be a hack for PSP 2.0 and 2.5 firmware and we will finaly discover that scientists were never really looking for a cure for the common cold or cancer (and why would they? the money is in the treatment).

Oh, and Microsoft will start to charge for updates (like Redhat already does for ES)