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Engadget's Black Friday giveaway, part nine: win a Dualshock 3 Wireless controller for PS3! (Engadget)

Nov 27th 2009 8:59PM Still have the original launch one, no rumble :(

The great Google Wave invite giveaway! (Download Squad)

Oct 31st 2009 2:44PM I wanna ride the wave!

Powermat wireless chargers unleashed into the atmosphere, for real (Engadget)

Oct 6th 2009 2:10AM I envisioned "wireless" as something you would plug into the wall, and it would transmit power over the air to the device, which could be outfitted with some type of adapter. Seriously, why use this? I'll take my wall adapter and cable, and just plug my device into the wall.

Windows Live Movie Maker leaves beta (Download Squad)

Aug 19th 2009 11:56AM Now the real question. DId it leave behind the suck that the beta had? Seriously, it was god awful compared to the original Movie Maker.

Open thread: iPhone 3.0 upgrade experiences (TUAW.com)

Jun 17th 2009 2:39PM Same thing just happened to me, me thinks Apple's servers are having problems.