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Infamous Chinese pirates launch Ubuntu that looks just like Windows XP (Download Squad)

Dec 28th 2009 1:29PM Why do these stupid kids expect one operating system to develop the ability to run "games"(i guess he means windows games but who knows) which are specifically designed for another? Had everyone waited for windows to get full support for dos games before they started to adopt it, the windows gaming culture would never have developed in the first place, or at least would have taken many years longer to get established.

Games developers are quite used to porting games between multiple platforms, the trouble is that there just isn't enough call for it on linux, as long as everyone continues to buy the windows version and fork out subscription charges for cedega. To be honest, to say that there's no call for games on linux is simply wrong, look at 2dboy's experiment with their excellent 'World of Goo' title; Linux gamers clearly felt inclined to pay for a quality, original game; and to pay considerably more than their windows using counterparts.

Stop paying transgaming for a shoddy product so you can sort of play windows games, you're only funding the mac gaming market, cider's the only thing they care about now.