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Infamous Chinese pirates launch Ubuntu that looks just like Windows XP (Download Squad)

Dec 28th 2009 4:24AM Integrating WINE really isn't sufficient. We need a store people can buy applications that work with WINE. It is nearly impossible to figure it out right now or get the versions that do work. Most applications that do work are older versions of the applications and not as readily available. Especially with activation and lock-ins you can't buy used any more. Allot of applications and games do work- just not enough that you can bet on a random applications working either and definitely not ones 'off the shelf' at your retailer. I think people need to support those selling GNU/Linux more. Buy from those supporting it. Buy from those selling it exclusively especially. Buy from those who take additional steps to support it or develop for it- not just off the shelf. Are they offering an assortment of products or just laptops and desktops? Paying more for niche Linux products means that stuff gets better rather farther apart. Paying for stuff with MS on it just means we end up further behind. In allot of areas we are ahead- but in others we haven't made ANY headway. Consumer desktop publishing applications like print shop for instance; zero headway. Video editing on the other hand; some. We do have Kino- which is a joke to most it is a full fledged video editing application. And then we also have a pro editing application that is nearly impossible to use for anybody other than the real hollywood studios (which means the Mac guys couldn't handle it and would conclude Linux isn't good at video editing).

Infamous Chinese pirates launch Ubuntu that looks just like Windows XP (Download Squad)

Dec 28th 2009 4:08AM I think the pirates would be better off setting up a penguin store like ThinkPenguin in the US. Nothing wrong with the operating system if people have the support and hardware to go along with it. Microsoft is only "better" because of the availability of support/hardware for the most part. While we high tech people use our computers for more than just email, word processing, and web browsing 90% of the world falls into that segment. Add in digital cameras and you hit 95%. What Americans and certain other English speaking parts of the world are missing is the fact they/we don't see Linux systems everywhere so it seems harder to use than it really is. I'm seeing it more and more though. I'm at a Christmas party and we have more computers here running Linux than Mac and two of the three Linux systems aren't mine. Sure- this is the exception rather than the rule for the USA/East Coast region-but none-the-less things are changing. Now if only the significantly cheaper ARM systems would come out with Linux so we could rid Microsoft from the market again like it was when Netbooks first came out.