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Infamous Chinese pirates launch Ubuntu that looks just like Windows XP (Download Squad)

Dec 27th 2009 10:55AM There is not much rip here. The home page of their clearly says :

# Based on Ubuntu 9.10 version of the custom to remove non-system software packages commonly used to increase the Chinese language pack, increasing the most commonly used applications
# 集成OpenOffice3.1办公软件 Integrated OpenOffice3.1 office software

能打开所有ms office 文件 Be able to open all ms office files
# 默认集成经典的Windows主题 Integration of the classic Windows theme default

界面操作最接近Windows用户的使用习惯,让您迅速入手 Windows user interface, the closest operational usage, so you quickly start

(Google Translation:

Also, it is not that hard to change the Ubuntu look to XP look:

If there is a rip, it is the russian linux-xp that is mostly the victim.

Now, that said, even if Linux is pretty much virus safe, I would never ever trust a version coming from pirates. Contrary to other Linux systems, this one will never be verified by trusted programmers. They can put anything they want in there, like a key logger.