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Google Voice may hit your desktop soon, as a Skype competitor (Download Squad)

Apr 10th 2010 4:33PM You can already make desktop calls via gizmo5 and use as an SIP phone and setup the SIP thru sipsorcery and then thru a number of SIP softphones. Zoiper allows calls and video thru google, and eventually I find out how to fax via VOIP...so what the big deal of them having their own "app" for google voice?

What was your first computer? (Download Squad)

Dec 31st 2009 5:29PM My first real computer was an 8086, it don't remember what brand it was, but it came from "Montgomery Wards" had 265k ram, no hd, monochrome display and dual big ol' 51/4 disk drives...In fact I had it four months and then replaced the computer with an 8088, with oh yeah 512k and a 2400 baud modem with a 40 meg hard drive, cga, and a 3 1/2 disk drive...I stepped up every year after that...286, 386, 486, pentium, etc...I look at my system now and don't even know how I functioned in those days.

Finally, someone sues Microsoft for Bing's name (Download Squad)

Dec 21st 2009 10:21AM Ok heres the deal...from a graphic design standpoint, if they do any type of web design or basically anything web related then "BIng!" has broken the law in the U.S., however from a legal business standpoint there are several factors that go into it 1. "Bing!" is not "Bing".... that "!" does make a difference. 2 "Bing!" probably has a global trademark, most business names are local trademarks...look up how many "John's Place" there are in different state in the restaurant business...tons 3. What are you serious?!?!?! "Bing" must really be dying for some P.R.