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MailDrop automatically saves email attachments to Dropbox (Download Squad)

Jan 28th 2010 12:06AM I'll go ahead and give an example of how great this is for me.
I already get my school's emails forwarded to my Gmail. I recieve study guides, lectures, and powerpoints in my email all the time. I usually download these straight into a folder in my Dropbox which contains all school work (I access it all from my iPhone so I rarely carry any papers around).

The hassle is I usually have wait till I get home and download the file and manually drop it into Dropbox. Now I can just view the email from my iPhone, then immediately jump to the already downloaded attachment in my Dropbox.

Honestly this is an amazing solution for me.

7stacks lets you pin multiple folders to your Windows 7 taskbar (Download Squad)

Jun 29th 2009 10:45AM Wow this thing is awesome and just what I was looking for, only problem I see is that if you have your taskbar set to 'Auto-hide' then when you click on the stacks folder the opened stack doesn't open in the correct location. Rather it opens exactly where you clicked.
Example here:

Engadget HD CES schwag giveaway: Blu-ray discs and more (Engadget HD)

Jan 19th 2009 1:36PM I wish I had gone to CES, too bad I hadn't =[
Maybe next year

Wii Backup Loader leaked onto the net -- welcome to pirating hell Nintendo (Engadget)

Sep 19th 2008 10:38AM Actually Nintendo won't do anything. The original author had tried contacting them multiple times and Nintendo never replied back. He told them he would give it a little more than a month to get a response but after no one said anything he just decided to let it out there.
I'm not sure where his original blog is, but is somewhere out there on the net. I believe his blog post about it was on digg a while back.

Nyko keeping your 360 cool? Think twice (Joystiq Xbox)

Oct 27th 2006 6:10PM Wow thats a surprise to me, because b4 i had the intercooler my xbox 360 kept crashing. But after I got it it works great, no crashes liked before.

Motorola ROKR E2 is official (Engadget)