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Streets of Rage Remake taken down (Joystiq)

Apr 11th 2011 8:41PM @ancientflounder

As much as it sucks, SEGA has to do this or risk losing their copyright for Streets of Rage and the associated characters. The laws are written in such a way that companies MUST do this to unauthorized fan projects. It's terrible and it will continue to happen every time a fan remake that infringes on someone's intellectual property.

The lesson, which we never seem to learn, is to not use other people's copyrighted creations. I'm sure if this were an original game instead of a "remake" it would still be avaliable for all to enjoy.

X-Men Destiny teased again (Joystiq)

Dec 10th 2010 2:01PM @VoodooChicken I agree that it will most likely suck. It's too bad another developer wasn't given the license.

X-Men Destiny teased again (Joystiq)

Dec 10th 2010 2:00PM @Bryan H

No, probably he just played Too Human so he knows that all SK can make nowadays are shit cookies. I wish someone else got to play with the license, not super douchebag Dennis Dyack and crew. :(

Humble Indie Bundle now Steam-compatible, second Bundle teased (Joystiq)

Dec 9th 2010 10:36PM @Faenix Yet you got 6 excellent and very different games out of it. What a deal!

Broken Sword 2 being fixed up for iOS release (Joystiq)

Dec 9th 2010 10:31PM @AntiVillian It could also be because they're not afflicted with ADD and enjoy a good, well-told story.

Steam Borderlands owners get early Duke Nukem demo access (Joystiq)

Oct 13th 2010 7:45PM @Pudge

... really? You thought that Duke Nukem Forever, a PC game that has been in development for 12 years now and is a sequel to one of the best-loved PC first person shooters of all time was not coming to PC? Really?!

Also no, PC owners of Borderlands get the demo on PC.

NPD at GDC: PC retail to grow, physical and digital purchase gap closing (Joystiq)

Oct 7th 2010 8:59PM Wait, I have never paid for or downloaded a song for rockband. Does that mean I have to give up my Steam account and it's 200+ games now? DAMN YOU MICHAEL KLOTZ!

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero tops XBLA charts, Sonic Adventure off to a slow start (Joystiq)

Sep 23rd 2010 9:48PM @Mach2 Pac-Man CE is $5 and has ghosts, not zombies. It's also the best game on XBLA.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions review: Mo' spiders, mo' problems (Joystiq)

Sep 13th 2010 2:55PM @Bumper Web-swinging is one of the most entertaining methods of locomotion ever introduced into video gaming.

Rock Band Weekly: Dio, Morrissey and many more (Joystiq)

Sep 10th 2010 5:46PM AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! THE SMITHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been wanting this since the first time I played rock band! :D