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Drop rate of Big Love Rocket not a bug (WoW)

Feb 18th 2010 12:58AM I saw one of these zooming around Org a few days ago. I had no idea how rare it was... I should have congratulated the guy riding it.

McGraw-Hill CEO: "The tablet is going to be just really terrific" (TUAW.com)

Jan 26th 2010 5:22PM I guess non-disclosure agreements don't mean much these days.

Manpacks offers automatic delivery of clean undies to helpless men (Download Squad)

Jan 16th 2010 12:06PM Yeah I'm with you on this one. I'm a dude, and yet somehow I manage to find clean underwear to put on every single day.

Crazy, right?

In defense of care packages and mandatory authenticators (WoW)

Jan 11th 2010 11:42AM I've never seen it happen either. I still have an authenticator.

You are not invited to the Cataclysm alpha (WoW)

Jan 10th 2010 10:52AM @elstor They already know what to do.

Realm Status: Coming back online (WoW)

Dec 8th 2009 2:34PM I haven't laughed that hard in a while.