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The iPhone is not a smartphone (Engadget)

Jan 10th 2007 12:38AM My favorite thing about new Apple products are how people need to take the time to list the seven reasons they won't buy one, but if it did have those seven features they would likely list seven different features they think are missing. Hey if the smartphone you have now works great, then don't buy one of these.

In my case I've never met a phone that I liked and when the iPhone was still nothing but a rumor I had no interest. I like my iPod. I didn't want a phone mucking it up.

But, after seeing it looks like it won't be annoying to use and could actually change how phones are designed going forward I wouldn't mind having one. That said I agree with the person who wishes for an iPhone without the phone parts. That was what I wanted to see announced today.

Please, please give me a 30gb+ iPhone without the phone.

Songbird enters beta (perhaps too soon?) (Download Squad)

Sep 30th 2006 4:07PM I've tried the Songbird nightly os x builds on and off and always ended up not impressed with it. The biggest problem I ran into was nearly all the songs I'd add to the library would have all their data rewritten in some unreadable Asian font. Hard to select songs when you can't read anything.

Sounds great when you read about it, not much to talk about after using it though.

I'll stick to iTunes for now.

la la: Trade music CDs for a dollar (Download Squad)

Sep 21st 2006 11:10AM I'm also a very happy lala user. Love it. They are slowly rolling out a store to users (lucky enough to be one that can see it) that sells new CDs at pretty reasonable prices. It even shows you CDs that are in your want list in case you can't wait for a trade to happen, I had to pull the trigger on a Nouvelle Vague CD from the store because like has been're gonna wait for newer and more niche stuff.

Plus they have cool t-shirts.