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Belkin's Switch-to-Mac USB Cable (

Nov 12th 2008 5:06PM Thats how I migrate Windows data (aside from Outlook which basically requires O2M) but in reality do you think even 75% of the switchers out there will have any clue how to do so?

I don't, thats why I think this product (if it works!) will be a huge hit. $50 to take all the trouble and intimidation out of the process is a bargain.

RR of the Day: 1973 BMW Bavaria (Autoblog)

Jan 31st 2007 9:52AM This is what my first car was, it was a hand me down from my older brother. I think mine was a 74 but it was in much worse shape than this one. I never got the thing running (had sat in a warehouse for 10+ years) but I can still remember the love I had for that thing. I'd love to have a nice driving example one day.

eBay Find of the Day: slightly used Lotus Elise (Autoblog)

Jan 30th 2007 4:52PM This poor thing has been on eBay a couple of times now. I wish somone would buy it and actually put the work in to make it shine again. The car still has some goodies on it (exhaust, stereo, etc) and was a very fun car before the accident. The only thing that scares me is a possible hole in the floorboard/chassis/tub that the original owner listed in the initial damage claim. Aside from that it should be an easy fix for a skilled fiberglass person.

Hopefully it finds a good home this time!

"Carma Sutra": Learn to love in your Lamborghini (Autoblog)

Jan 24th 2007 11:10PM I wonder if theres a section for the Lotus Elise? ;)

Bentley: Driving in a Winter Wonderland (Autoblog)

Jan 16th 2007 5:32PM What the... Is this just the "in thing" for manufacturers this winter?

eBay Find of the Day: 1995 BMW M3 CSL (Autoblog)

Jan 16th 2007 11:51AM I got to see a heavily modified lightweight do it's thing at a BMW club race in Ohio several years back, still stands out as one of those "How can it be that fast" cars. The regular lightweights really do perform damn well though. I've seen a few on track and one at SCCA and all have definitely commanded respect with their times.

This thing was a hell of a performer in its day and, in the right hands, could still raise some eyebrows today.

$300,000 buy-in to sell Smarts in U.S. (Autoblog)

Jan 15th 2007 11:50AM "just how intimidated even the smallest SUV will make them feel"

I don't wanna hear it! ;)
Look at the photo above, they are sitting just as high as the taxi next to them, they've got nothing to scare them. They need to try riding around in a Lotus Elise, where Camry window sills are higher than your head and you only know SUVs as "those things with wheels and doors but no windows"... Once they experience that they will welcome the ForTwo's normal height.

I say that but the truth is that these will sell like crazy during the first month or so and then the used market will be flooded with them once their fat, used to driving a Cadillac, owners realize that the car isn't for them. I'm not saying they don't have their place, but they've been publicized so much that they are "trendy" now. Cool people will buy them, realize they aren't their cup of tea, and then put them back into the market for people like me (who have wanted one for 5+ years) to snatch up.

I'm not going to hop on any waiting lists but I'm so there when these start hitting regular dealer lots!

Tokyo Auto Salon: Kei-NSX totally has it Beat (Autoblog)

Jan 13th 2007 3:00PM Forget the mini-NSX, is that an old school Integracamino behind it?!?

CES 2007: The Cars of CES Part IV (Autoblog)

Jan 12th 2007 12:56PM I'm diggin the topless Exige S, still think that bodystyle looks funny without it's roof though. I wish they'd develop a supercharger kit for the Elise.