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Apple patent suggests notebook docking station (TUAW.com)

Jan 4th 2008 12:03PM what if the screen on the iMac was actually a larger touch sensitive screen and a smaller touch-screen tablet is popped in. The iMac could have all the socketry we expect on a laptop that may be missing from the new uber-tablet....

Vodafone's solution to iPhone-related defections: shutdown customer service? (Engadget Mobile)

Nov 17th 2007 3:25PM I bought the iPhone on launch day and found (via the web) the porting department number in Vodafone and got a message saying they were closed until monday. I rang customer services and requested my PAC code and the guy on the other end of the phone sounded like he'd received many calls that night from iPhone users! They normally say it'll be 7-10 days to send the code (which is only by post for security reasons) but I think it's just to give them time to call you to try to win your custom back. They did call but couldn't offer anything once they heard if was because of the iPhone. A friend of mine mentioned that other UK operators can sell it next March... not sure where they heard that from..!!

Scrybe - the online productivity suite I'm dying to try (Download Squad)

Oct 20th 2006 11:15AM This is just what we need right now. I've tried all manner of other online calendar apps and just always find that one of them has a feature that I like and another has a different set of features that I like. I think we are all too fussy nowadays!

Top Mac feed readers face off (TUAW.com)

Oct 7th 2006 9:01AM NewsFire for me. I've had a look at Google Reader and actually like it as I use gmail and prefer the way things are expanded and so on. I have used Vienna and would probably be using that if I hadn't already purchased NewsFire!

Day 9 of Engadget Mobile's 30 days of cellphone giveaways (Engadget Mobile)

Feb 21st 2006 1:00PM oh yeah - texting will be a dream.....

Day 4 of Engadget Mobile's 30 days of cellphone giveaways (Engadget Mobile)

Feb 16th 2006 2:24PM keep up the good work Peter and Ryan!

Day 3 of Engadget Mobile's 30 days of cellphone giveaways (Engadget Mobile)

Feb 15th 2006 7:39PM Please O Please.. my 650 is getting tired!!

Day 2 of Engadget Mobile's 30 days of cellphone giveaways (Engadget Mobile)

Feb 14th 2006 6:56PM Brilliant idea to split this out of the regular site guys!! Will there be a seperate podcast to come?

Gmail gets a real Delete button (Download Squad)

Jan 21st 2006 5:53AM If wou want this button (and the web clips feature) try switching your language settings to English (US). I changed mine from English (UK) as I'm in England and lo and behold - the button and webclips appeared!!

Gmail gets a real Delete button (Download Squad)

Jan 20th 2006 11:02AM I have the firefox extension that adds a Gmail delete button (greasemonkey script, I think) installed and I haven't seen a second delete button appear... My Firefox extension delete button appears to the left of the Archive button.