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Sharing screens with TeamViewer for iPad and Mac (TUAW.com)

Sep 22nd 2010 4:04AM Erika,
Thanks for your review on the iPad version. Unfortunately some of your findings are not correct, therefore I would like to comment on them.

1) The ID number in TeamViewer doesen't change, that means after you connect to your partner the first time you go to 'Recents' and just need the session password for all other connections.

2) Also the session password can be stored under 'Settings'->'Save recent passwords'. Passwords can be predefined as well so that they do not change for every session.

3) For setting up an account at TeamViewer you just need to fill out 3 different things (username, email and password), while you have to confirm email and password once again. So in total there are 5 fields 2 of them have to be filled out with the same information. Shouldn't be that much typing.

4) Also shortcuts can be transmitted through the iPad version (and all other versions) if you use the integrated keyboard for special keys which permits to send special keystrokes like Command+Shift+W

5) There is no need to buy the Business license additionally. Commercial users can just use iPhone ($ 99.99) or iPad App ($139.99) without having to pay for the basic license for workstations.

We put a lot of thoughts in the usability of TeamViewer and have very positive feedback on that. As the software has plenty of features integrated we are very keen on keeping the GUI clean and easy to use for everybody. Hope we can cooperate a bit closer for any future review.

All the best,
Constantin Falcoianu
TeamViewer Germany

TeamViewer releases iPhone remote support app, and it rocks (Download Squad)

Mar 11th 2010 2:16PM Hi Lee,

Many thanks for your post on the TeamViewer iPhone version, pal :) Was a pleasure to read it!

Yes back then - shortly after version 4 was released - the iPhone app wasn't even on the agenda. So I can truely admit I didn't know it but it shows to me we have to talk on a more regular basis :)

All the best,

Teamviewer 5 beta gets faster, adds voice and video conferencing (Download Squad)

Dec 1st 2009 10:04AM Hi Lee,

Many thanks for catching up the latest TeamViewer 5 news. This is a huge release for us in which we implemented plenty of new functionality and managed anyhow to even improve the speed. All new features in TeamViewer 5 like VoIP and video transmission as well as the enhanced presentation features are available in the free version.

That's correct, TeamViewer offers a free Mac OSX version and is browser based as well.

TeamViewer Germany