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michael phipps

Member since: Sep 20th, 2006

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Study: Email access is still king on mobile phones (Download Squad)

Jan 23rd 2008 5:37PM Seeing as I'm still waiting for good spam fighting software for my blackberry..... I'd have to say the GPS navigation feature is the best.

MyUninstaller - alternative to Add or Remove Programs (Download Squad)

Aug 6th 2007 1:46AM CCleaner does this and more......

Common Linux myths dispelled (Download Squad)

Jan 31st 2007 10:40PM I've used Linux and Windows at home on various systems for years, Linux still needs serious work. As much as I admire Linux projects - Fedora, Ubuntu, etc - they have lightyears still to go to fix all the compatibility issues .. As slick as that video was I ever got my Linux boxes to the level I needed and Windows even under all the criticism never gave me the hassles that Linux still does.

Tab Effect for Firefox (Download Squad)

Jan 12th 2007 3:14AM crashes my firefox...

Password management that doesn't suck - Ask DLS (Download Squad)

Jan 5th 2007 2:02AM KeePass is great and secure and FREE .. even has plugin extension ability to make compatible wiht program that are not ... although I have yet to use this feature as it works with Firefox and other common apps with no problems.

Engadget's relaunch giveaways: Slingbox PRO! (Engadget)

Oct 12th 2006 8:52PM dell inspiron b130