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Diaspora puts out Developer Release -- source code is here! (Download Squad)

Sep 16th 2010 6:42AM I'm I the only one excited about this? I left facebook because it became a chore trying to keep up with everything, then privacy scares, almost like dodgeball. Basically it just became too tiring. I just hope they keep up their end of the bargain and deliver a truly portable framework that will allow me to choose who I share my stuff with.

Sucks that I'm a .net developer, I'd really like to participate in this project.

Diaspora is looking promising.

Clipboard Manager enables better text, image, and file copypasta on Windows (Download Squad)

Jun 23rd 2010 4:25AM Tried it and though it's ok, there's a better alternative been there for years, first thing I install when I re-install my OS. ClipX. Has plugins to preserve clipboard history on disk, sticky clipboard items, hot-key shortcut Ctrl+Shit+Ins etc.

Infact these days I actually cannot work without it, I always think of my clipboard as being permanent.

Exclusive video: DLS interviews Pomplamoose "YouTube band" (Download Squad)

May 21st 2010 6:56AM Thanks for introducing me to them. They rock.

After the Deadline now checks your grammar, spelling on Google Chrome! (Download Squad)

May 6th 2010 10:25AM Oh I see. Grammar check would be an awesome thing, especially in this day in age of comments like 'i rlly like ur profl pic!'. wtf? I just noticed something weird, it just spell checked this post and offered suggestions and now I can't enter a new line. The text is underlined so it's working as expected, it just won't let me enter a new line/paragraph until I click on the 'abc' icon in the bottom corner. I hope it's not a feature!

After the Deadline now checks your grammar, spelling on Google Chrome! (Download Squad)

May 6th 2010 10:01AM Doesn't chrome come with it's own inbuilt spell checker? I usually see a basic spell check like feature whenever I type in chrome.

Review: Stargate Universe - Life (AOL TV)

Nov 27th 2009 7:35AM Same here... after 9 episodes I'm done.

1. Communcation stones.
Get McKay and Carter to switch bodies and they'll have that ship back in the milky way in time for afternoon tea.
I'm waiting for the writers to somehow explain this GLARING hole???
2. They have Atlantis
Atlantis is a newer, bigger, bad-ass version of that ship (and its on earth) and you want to tell me they can't crack the windows password on it? Total bullshit.
3. Sex
Whats with all the sex all over the place? Lesbians etc... WTF? This is stargate! Stop it.. Immediately. Promiscuity has no place in space. Only captain kirk and no. 2 (Riker) have ever pulled it off.. and even they had the decency to be delicate about it. It's completely uncessary and tasteless, and makes for uncomfortable viewing when you watch with young teens. Stop it. NOW!
4. Who are all these people?
I don't know about everyone else.. but by episode 3 or 4 of both SG-1 and SGA I knew all the characters, who i hated and who i liked. Were on episode 9 and i only the mad scientist and the 16 year old virgin. Crap.

Finally to the writers.. remember this..

Stargate is supposed to be about exploring other planets and interacting with other forms of life.
Either add more Stargate elements or rename it something like "The trials of Destiny".. just remove the Stargate bit.. you're just pissing off your Stargate fans.

I am so disappointed in SGU.