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Beginning of the end for the Internet in the UK (Download Squad)

Nov 26th 2009 11:15AM If anyone thinks something like this wouldn't ever happen, look up the "Dangerous Pictures Act". A nasty piece of legislation forced through last year which means its now illegal in the UK to merely own (or have on your hard drive) certain BDSM images, which is punishable by jail and listing as a sex offender.

This is despite the fact theyre staged by consenting adults and perfectly legal in the rest of Europe. All because our elected peers think we should not be looking at such depravity that is freely available in other countries, so wish to frighten us into behaving the way they want.

Similarly it will soon be illegal in the UK to posses sexually explicit cartoons IF the persons in them APPEAR to be under 18, which means they'll be carting all the Japanese anime/manga fans off to the gulags in the near future then. All because they find these images "disgusting", not that theres any harm involved (how the hell do you tell the age of a cartoon character anyway?).

So these latest draconian proposals don't surprise me in the slightest!