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Farewell, Internet (Download Squad)

Apr 12th 2011 1:03PM You guys will be missed, this was one of my daily reads.

Its a shame AOL can't see past their wallets!! Hope you carry on Seb!

This blog was different to the rest, not full of spec sheets, but with great writing and humour.

Amazon Cloud Player review: functional, not mind blowing, and still US-only (Download Squad)

Mar 29th 2011 2:56PM Has anyone figured out how to hack this to work in the UK yet? My amazon account gives me 5GB in their cloud, but the app doesn't have the cloud player.

Google Cloud Print is now available (Download Squad)

Dec 7th 2010 11:10AM I'm on the latest Dev release (9.0.597.10) and there is now option for Cloud Printing under about:flags....

Android 2.3 Gingerbread SDK and the Nexus S announced by Google (Download Squad)

Dec 6th 2010 12:38PM @Josh I'd say it depends on how long it is until Honeycomb. I would fully expect HTC to release 2.3 on the EVO. They have been getting better at including as many devices as possible when upgrading and the EVO is an immense device that will easily cope with 2.3.

Facebook Messages: combine all of your inboxes and IM clients into one, unlimited storage service (Download Squad)

Nov 15th 2010 2:29PM Not sure I'm getting this .... Isn't it just "Priority Inbox" by Google. I'm sure it will take off, after all it has "facebook" in the title. :-)

Adobe Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool now in demo stage (Download Squad)

Oct 29th 2010 3:18AM Because there are many many Flash developers..... This is a great, and bold, move by Adobe.

Apple announces Mac App Store (Download Squad)

Oct 21st 2010 4:40AM Kon .... the only blind "fan boy" I see on here is you.

This is just another way that Apple are trying to take control of everything on their precious devices.

kojo87 is bang on "if you can't maintain your computer, thats your fault not your computer's". As for Kon's comment "Windows 7 isn't that great either" I would disagree. Yes, Vista was an absolute shower of sh*te ... but Windows 7 is a great OS.

Hotmail adds new security measures to defend against account hijacks (Download Squad)

Sep 28th 2010 1:29PM If they are "almost identical" then there is a difference in security. I've had hotmail account and google mail account the same amount of time and the hotmail has been hacked multiple times and google never. There just a fact.

You need to learn some manners too, and I would love to teach you some. Retard.

Hotmail adds new security measures to defend against account hijacks (Download Squad)

Sep 28th 2010 8:12AM My account got hacked 3 times, and then I closed it down.... My friends still get messages as if from my closed Hotmail account. Google Mail FTW!

iTunes 10 introduces Ping social network for music (and a new logo!) (Download Squad)

Sep 2nd 2010 8:29AM Don' think I'll bother downloading this, it annoyed me that I had to have it to use my ex-iPhone. Have to agree with the Johnny lately - I wouldn't want social networking inside a jukebox. Spotify has integrated with Facebook and even that doesn't cut it really.