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Expect Shinji Mikami's next game in 2013 or beyond (Joystiq)

Mar 13th 2012 9:32PM @Shadowbender
I was wondering the same thing

Witcher 2 devs: 'We will never use any DRM anymore' (Joystiq)

Mar 8th 2012 3:33PM @Spacegrass
I think he meant 200x the cost, or doesn't understand how percentages work. it would be 20,000% though.

Rumor: Valve working on 'Steam Box' console standard with customizable controller, biometrics (Joystiq)

Mar 3rd 2012 2:11PM @A Sandwich
But will a valve console play used games?

GameStop plans 3,600 midnight openings for Mass Effect 3 (Joystiq)

Feb 29th 2012 10:29PM @Apakal
I know, but i bet it all started to compete with places like wal-mart that are open 24 hours

Report: XBLA prices rising (slowly), Summer of Arcade review scores dropping (Joystiq)

Feb 4th 2012 2:20PM @Silent Killer01 or at least give you a percentage back for being a rewards member, cause right now the rewards program is kind of sucks. They occationally, like this month, will give you 5% back on all purchases for remaining gold. In my opinion they should offer that every month.

Closed beta testing for Zynga Bingo begins (Joystiq)

Jan 28th 2012 11:40PM technically ther isn't a B18

Closed beta testing for Zynga Bingo begins (Joystiq)

Jan 28th 2012 11:38PM @Sgoast
Hugh J. Ward

Amazon's top-selling physical and downloadable games of 2011 (Joystiq)

Jan 13th 2012 4:21PM @FlashJS MW3 is number 1 on the list

Minecraft 1.1 update adds languages, eggs and regenerative sheep (Joystiq)

Jan 13th 2012 3:49PM @logicbus

I Agree, Java sucks

Xbox hacking victim tells her story, fights for others (Joystiq)

Jan 9th 2012 5:11PM @Vcize
They do when you make purchases on the website