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How to make a DVD of that student-only Windows 7 you bought for $29.99 (Download Squad)

Oct 22nd 2009 6:14PM Did this last night around 3am, works great.

There is an issue others have had unpacking the 64 bit versions of the operating system on a 32 bit version of windows, whereby the unpacker gives an error at the very end of unpacking. You can still use this trick to burn a bootable DVD if you receive that error.

I haven't had this happen to me personally, but those who have had it happen report that this works regardless.

Review: The Strangers (Cinematical)

May 30th 2008 9:55AM Saw it opening night, and was sorely disappointed. It was extremely obvious what was going to happen in every scene, and I could only find myself laughing at it at moments. The movie honestly felt a bit pointless to me, though I'm not sure I can explain why.

New Trailer for 'The Strangers' (Cinematical)

May 30th 2008 4:10AM I just had to point out how horrible this movie turned out to be, don't bother watching it. I laughed throughout it. It was all cliched, and patently obvious what was going to happen in every scene.

Fanswag Weekly: Live turns five mega giveaway [update] (Joystiq Xbox)

Nov 21st 2007 1:27PM Having a ton of fun with strangers on Crimson Skies, back when it was a new frontier.

Fanswag Weekly: Halo 3 Legendary Edition w/ bonus [update] (Joystiq Xbox)

Oct 26th 2007 3:41AM Beating Gunstar Heroes on the Genesis way back when, co-op style.

Fanswag Weekly: Forza Motorsport 2 (Joystiq Xbox)

Oct 17th 2007 12:14PM I fail realistically

Fanswag Weekly: win Project Gotham Racing 4 [update] (Joystiq Xbox)

Oct 12th 2007 10:10AM Drifting. On foot.

Fanswag: Win the ultimate Halo 3 setup (Joystiq Xbox)

Sep 17th 2007 5:53PM Bloody amazing work, gentlemen.

Fanswag: Win (almost) every 360 accessory ever [update 2] (Joystiq Xbox)

Sep 12th 2007 2:41PM Till the night grows easy

Fanswag: Win Xbox Live Gold and MS Points (Joystiq Xbox)

Aug 29th 2007 6:07PM Till the night grows easy,