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Subaru launches 2011 Mediocrity marketing campaign [w/video] (Autoblog)

Oct 6th 2010 11:46PM Im thinking the Toyota influence shows with the current legacy.
Im not entirely sure Subaru designers were totally up on the current design, but I can only speculate at this point.
Toyota owns a good percentage of Subaru and Im sure there is alittle Toyota DNA trickling into the Subaru lineup.
They should be careful not to alienate either group..
If Subaru looses its uniqueness, and gains more of a ultitarian, read, "appliance" attitude to style, form and function as Toyota follows.. Subaru Loyalists, whom already think the new Legacy in particular is a reach even for Subaru, pass on them and move to something else altogether..
Im glad that the practical AWD nature hasn't left, but in the last generation Legacy, I thought Subaru was on the right track to the style they needed.
Maybe a slightly larger version of the last gen would have been the ticket.. with some new engine choices, and some different styling cues to the front end.
Thats about it.
I'm trying to warm up to the new design.. it reminds me of a Subaru Tribeca.. In a sense, a big warthog with some smooth skin and a better interior.
Lacking in fun, thrill, or even style.
Honestly, creating the "mundane" is kind of what subaru is already doing.. they dont need to advertise it as an attack on other brands.
Subaru.. if you alienate all your hard work over the last 10 years, you are going to have to work even harder to get those customers back.
Competition is heating up.
Why is it marketing never considers the past, present and future of mistakes?
Lets see.. Ill take a great looking car, make it bland 500 lbs heavier, not improve on engine options, or driving dynamic,and increase the cost.
Time will tell, but I have a feeling nobody is going to go ape S*** for the current Scoob, sad to say.

Windows 7 Family Pack returns (while supplies last) (Download Squad)

Oct 5th 2010 3:39AM Its funny.
You have a good, "legit" copy of Windows 7, and all your computers you own arent counted as "legal" if you use the same one in the same household.
By that logic, If I own 3 similar cars, I need to sell 2 of them because Ill never drive all of them because they don't have all the same tires, and until I did, I just couldnt drive them right without those tires.
Uh huh..
If Microsoft wants to keep people interested, you shouldn't "tease" a familypack.
How about you should have just made it standard with all copies to your customers anyway?
If you treat people in their own home, the ability to run several copies in the average american household..which I guarantee you isn't only 1 computer, you give them benefit of the doubt and go 3, you might actually impress and get some long term reward!?
Someone (the customer) actually cares that I have several, "advertisements" (sic.. Windows 7) running all at once in my home for those that ask what Windows 7 is all about.
Marketing both ways Microsoft, can mean more sales.
Not all your customers are pirates.. unless you make it hard to own your OS.
Not all customers build their own computers.
Not all customers can keep buying the same OS for multiple computers that have older, inferior OS's and update them...even the silly "upgrade" programs of Windows 7 that are offered.
Not all customers agree with your OS's.. so they go to the competition because you don't trust or believe in them.
In the long term.. stop treating everyone like thieves, and give a little (which this 3 pack is a start) then, considering letting everyone else who OWNS a copy of Windows 7 the option of installing 2 more copies for FREE in thier own homes?
Now thats a novel Idea.
Chrome has a point.. There is no point in the sillyness that Microsoft currently is pressing on the customer.
I personally Love Windows 7.
I paid 300.00 US for Windows 7 Pro Full version (there should be no other kind) and I absolutely love it.
I am sure Ive had a dozen others go out and buy a copy.
The customer is a sales tool.
The old "build it, and they will come" is true.
Build by reputation, not repudiation.

2011 Hyundai Sonata Turbo priced at $24,145 (Autoblog)

Oct 5th 2010 3:08AM The reason why people would possibly be, "caught dead in the, "hot mess" is because the hot mess appeals to people differently than you.
I for one am greatful for the competition, and having choices to buy something you like/dislike.
Im not buying for you, and neither you are my choice.
As the old saying goes, "opinions are like a-holes, everyones got one".
Goes without saying.

Report: Legalization opponents fear more stoned drivers (Autoblog)

Sep 29th 2010 7:35AM Dude.. that is the coolest comment ive ever heard about Weed..
Kudos man!

Frankfurt 2009: Ford unveils smallest EcoBoost engine yet at 1.6 liters (Autoblog)

Sep 22nd 2009 8:27AM There are some folks here that are worried about turbocharger longevity.
As long as the bearings are of high quality, its liquid and oil cooled, and has the recommended oil changes, things should be peachy.
Like anything else, poor maintenance kills even the best cars, turbo or normally aspirated.
Still, with good maintenance 150-200K shouldnt be a big deal.
Turbos arent that spendy and could be kitted pretty ez as they arent very complicated to repair.
If ford used a small variable vane turbo, the engine, driven leisurely,will get normally aspirated fuel economy numbers.
Varible porting has been around in 2 stroke motocross engines since the early 1980s.
I always wondered when someone would get the idea to have a variable vane, centrifical force design that would make the turbo work in more situations with no lag, less blow off, and more efficiency.
I lived the 80s,turbos today would be a great fit in todays market and if Ford pushes the ecoboost engines, they will only make more sales.

Frankfurt 2009: Kia Venga is nice... and a little Fiesta-riffic to our eyes (Autoblog)

Sep 17th 2009 7:34PM I have to agree here, this is no Fiesta.
Im actually suprised at the design here, and I think this could turn into a Kia Rio replacement.
I find its design "refreshing".
Personally, I find the grill alittle off, but the rest of the car looks pretty nice.
I did notice that the dash is missing a temp guage..
Is that a new trend developing?.. the Fiesta doesnt have one either.
I remember back in the 1980s that many automakers were just using idiot lights to cut costs. (not all mind you).
I think put that guage in a system monitor (should give troublecodes and the like too) along with the usual MPG, Trip and other features, and you wont add a dime to the cost.
The engine ECU gets temp readings all the time.. have the monitor recieve live data from the ECU.. Simple.
Although a temp guage seems like the most "unused" guage there is, it still can tell you earlier, rather than when the idiot light comes on, your cooling system is having a problem.
Still,getting back to the car, this is pretty nice if they dont mess with it too much, it might actually sell pretty well in the US.

REPORT: Subaru considering using more CVTs (Autoblog)

Sep 10th 2009 6:21AM I think CVTs are simple and work great.
No, they dont offer the usual "shift" feel we are mostly used to.
Particularly people who drive manuals, and love them.
Fact is this.. They run more efficently, get the most out of an engine power point, cost less to produce, and deliever electric, linear power.
As we continue to move closer to electric car use, this is going to be one way to making the move easier.
Automatics, even with more gears still have way way more things to go wrong, and man, lets face it, they are very expensive to repair.
Ive driven manuals most of my life, but have also driven a couple automatics, and more recently, CVT based cars.
I took to it and said, "this isnt a manual, but its not an automatic either"..
Fact is, even though the CVT has roots going back to leonardo devinci, Circa 1490.. but its been used in different mediums for decades with farm machinery, lathes,drill presses, snowmobiles, scooters and now more recently, consumer automobiles and trucks.
Subaru tried to test the market with an automobile, "The Justy" in 1989, but it was only good for small engine designs for the time and never caught on due to its low volume, increased cost in the segment and lack of public knowledge.
The technology has matured with much more advanced metal belt technology, lubricants, and computer controls making things much more reliable and functional in higher horsepower engines and platforms.
Im certainly not saying I personally dont like manuals, but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised just how well CVT transmissions work.
CVTs, In my honest opinion will become the next mainstream transmission in light of increasing Cafe and EPA regulations.
Im good with that because I personally think that CVT is a great way to drive like an automatic, but get power to the road like a manual.
Its not perfect, but far from bad.
Curious on how they work?

Toyota reverses decision, chooses to again seek quality over market share (Autoblog)

Aug 12th 2009 6:19AM Thanks for the positive commentary!

Toyota reverses decision, chooses to again seek quality over market share (Autoblog)

Aug 11th 2009 5:47PM Problem with growth is the obvious demand increases.
If you push speed/production over quality, it never fails to hurt business.
Its when you get either greedy, or cannot meet demand and cut corners it utimately ruins your reputation as a "quality" manufacturer of whatever brand you are.
Maybe some other automakers can take a note from Toyota here and stop what isnt working and move to what does.
Good to see a company that admits that something isnt working as planned and actually makes adjustments soon enough to avoid failure both to shareholders and customers.

Faurecia Interior Systems sues Chrysler for $110M (Autoblog)

Feb 13th 2009 3:25PM Skicat,
Sure, its not all about the quality of the interiors, and it is about a debt.
I think some of us are venting that the quality of the interiors as being substandard as part of the conversation, not the conclusion to the issue.
I wouldnt say that people are making dumb comments, as thats maybe alittle off the top?
I see what you are thinking, but the commentary is above all, a topping to the fact that chrysler is being bad about paying its bills.
2 stones thrown instead of only 1 on the commentators part..
Insult to injury.