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Sega responds to its SOPA non-response with a joke video (Joystiq)

Jan 13th 2012 11:12AM Wow. Sadly, that shitty video was better than many recent Sonic the Hedgehog games.

PlayStation Store celebrates Canada Day with free Charlie's Angels (Joystiq)

Jul 1st 2010 6:04PM Because nothing screams Canada more than Charlie's Angels.

Kid Icarus Uprising trailer unfortunately isn't in 3D (Joystiq)

Jun 18th 2010 12:48PM @(Unverified)
This alone makes me want to import it from Japan instead.

Jetstar Airways first to rent out iPads, only $8.40 a flight (Engadget)

Jun 4th 2010 7:10AM @Moistvag
Does "bring your own" eat into your data plan so much that you must use the acronym instead? Not everybody has to know what you're talking about. It's like IANAL, w/ and all those other annoyances.

That aside, I don't think you'll be able to do that. By renting the devices they are probably locking them down so they do exactly what the airline wants them to do, and that would include preloaded content without you being able to add other stuff.

Besides, how would you actually download your own movies to the iPad? Some weird USB host dock connector?

Sony EX3 prototype 3D camcorder spotted, destined for retail channels? (update: we've got specs) (Engadget)

May 2nd 2010 5:14PM @BrandonHarris

You mean Sonic. Mario works well in 3D, Sonic does not.

Student's Windows-based media center brings our own slacker childhoods into perspective (Engadget)

Apr 26th 2010 7:22PM @Nitesh I would imagine the case would be the "impressive" part, yet nowhere is there proof that he built it himself. Neither the photos nor the video show this case "before" he assembled the entire machine, so I'm leaning more towards the idea that he bought a "build your own case" kit and then assembled what is essentially a small form-factor PC. Not incredibly awesome, but something the guy should take pride in. It cost him money and time, after all.

Intel's 2011 CPUs require new motherboards, start saving those pennies now? (Engadget)

Apr 21st 2010 6:01PM Not the first time a new chip requires a completely different socket and/or motherboard. Why is this news?

GPNC Korea announces the first me-too Android HDTV (Engadget)

Apr 14th 2010 7:37PM Neither NTSC or ATSC are used in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Australia or Dubai.

Sega celebrates 32X with soundtrack CD (Joystiq)

Mar 20th 2010 9:44AM Door into Summer is made of solid gold.

Nokia's Design by Community makes smartphone concepting a multiplayer game, with limits (Engadget)

Mar 18th 2010 9:18PM @FlockesVictory
Oh really? Do you mean Nokia, the most successful cellphone company in the world?