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Android launcher showdown: LauncherPro, ADW, Zeam, GO Launcher and QuickDesk (Download Squad)

Jan 28th 2011 5:00PM Thanks to this round-up, I made the switch from LauncherPro(free version) to GO Launcher EX and I'm very pleased so far.

Kongregate Arcade pulled from the Android Market for violating terms (Download Squad)

Jan 20th 2011 9:53AM Since when flash content is "an app"?
It's not like it forces you to download & INSTALL the games that you play, does it?

Google Chrome to make your settings searchable (Download Squad)

Nov 24th 2010 3:53PM "[Don't forget Firefox's filterable about:config, too! -Ed]"

Opera:config did it first.

Video: Four minutes of Ferrari 458 Challenge testing at Monza (Autoblog)

Oct 22nd 2010 11:34AM This and the 599XX are the crappiest sounding race-prepped Ferraris...

Best sounding car? The HSV-010 GT.

Video: BMW M3 Tiger Edition - The Movie (Autoblog)

Sep 16th 2010 9:03PM Another M3 Limited Edition? *yawn*

And was that the Inception OST in the background???

Gymkhana Two named one of 10 best viral ads of all time (Autoblog)

Sep 12th 2010 7:00AM He wouldn't stand a chance in Formula Drift, let alone D1...

OhLife helps you maintain a personal diary over e-mail (Download Squad)

Aug 22nd 2010 12:43PM Add a customizable name for the sender, and you have a companion for ronery ppl... xD

Desktop Earth turns your desktop into a beautiful, real-time globe (Download Squad)

Jul 1st 2010 6:18AM I remember using it a couple of years ago... :P

QwikMark offers fast, simple, portable system benchmarking (Download Squad)

Jun 22nd 2010 5:24PM it doesn't have a "Copy results" button and it doesn't support multi-core CPUs.

i5-750 2.6GHz, 8GB DDR3 1033MHz, WD3200KS
48 GFLOPs (running on 1 core)
8GB/s mem bandwidth
69MB/s disk transfer

Backing up your brain is becoming a reality (Download Squad)

Jun 7th 2010 4:15PM I agree.

What CyBeRev suggests is just combining a more detailed Facebook profile with some psychology tests. That's not by any means Digital Immortality...