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Alex Zhao

Member since: Dec 30th, 2005

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The lovely ladies of the 2006 Paris Motor Show (Autoblog)

Oct 3rd 2006 1:05AM the ligier pic is a bit revealing... but nice

Badge engineering gone bad: the Dodge Attitude (Autoblog)

Sep 22nd 2006 10:39PM look, another hyundai truck on dodge's site,

UPDATE: Details on Richard Hammond crash (Autoblog)

Sep 20th 2006 7:57PM wow, i read it in a discussion over at the top gear forum.

Porsche Panamera test mule in the open (Autoblog)

Sep 14th 2006 7:28PM looks like a ferrari 612 up front, a lexus gs in the middle and a mitsubishi eclipse in the rear.

Blow out the candles: The Ford Ka turns 10 (Autoblog)

Sep 3rd 2006 2:17AM lol looks like a frog

Harley-Davidson developing three-wheelers (Autoblog)

Sep 3rd 2006 2:14AM how many men would ride this tricyle?

BMW Alpina D3: Economical Excitement (Autoblog)

Sep 3rd 2006 2:09AM how did they manage to make it uglier???

?koda Octavia Scout: Baby Allroad, Czech-style (Autoblog)

Sep 3rd 2006 2:08AM looks a little underpowered.