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Apple posts iPhone 4 press conference video, 'smartphone antenna performance' page (Engadget)

Jul 16th 2010 6:02PM Apple did get that up fast, what we think is also amazing is that some one already has up That's quick too! Ha!

Live Twitter feed can be costly (WalletPop)

Dec 2nd 2009 4:52PM That is too funny, it does sound like something The Onion would do. Love the image too! Thanks for sharing.

It's not just Bing - Google makes Twitter search deal, too (Download Squad)

Oct 22nd 2009 10:32AM Big new here. Now tweets will be indexed like mad. It'll help embolden those whose egos are fed by retweets and follower numbers to new heights of twitter volume. Can't wait to see if the end result is helpful or a waste of time and am curious to see how the noise, the useless chatter, will be filtered out. If it will be...