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Halve your Firefox start-up time with the hackiest hack ever (Download Squad)

Mar 11th 2011 7:06PM @MxxCon

yea I agree but Google has had this going on for the longest.(Googleupdateservice)
Apple of course also has this and more with;(see below)


Firefox 4 edges out Chrome in SunSpider test (Download Squad)

Oct 22nd 2010 12:16PM Not true, Chrome is way behind IE9 and Firefox 4 in Hardware acceleration. Google has implemented HW in thier dev builds since it would need more work to be done it will be delayed until Chrome 8, not 7.
- Just rechecked now it has been delayed yet again to version 9, poor Google.

The new Internet craze: splitting hairs over fractional Web browser market share changes (Download Squad)

Oct 5th 2010 2:32PM The trend that Chrome is gaining while IE is losing is a result of Chrome being a favorite, but because users are switching to the most widely seen browser which is Chrome. The other browsers rely on their users to spread their browsers. While Google relies heavily on Marketing, many downloads offer the option of installing chrome along side their download as well as on the Google homepage, in addition to ads on websites. I'm not surprised nor impress with Google's market-share. But it is accepted, as a power user, I have Chrome 7, Opera 10.70, IE9 and Firefox 4 installed at the moment.(Yes they are betas, I enjoy new technology.)

To Boycott BP: Yes Or No? (Translogic)

Jul 27th 2010 10:31PM BOYCOTT BP = YES WE WILL

Already in Detroit BP Gas stations have removed their BP signs, covering them because of the bad business and bad Reputation. BP made Billions still even with this incident that they could have Prevented and Prepared but did Not, as said by a few (ignored) BP Officials.

BP also makes Castrol Oil...

Franz Ferdinand Singer 'Busted' by Mexican Cops (Spinner)

Apr 13th 2010 2:00PM Wow LOU, How ignorant and childish can you be. You really believe what actually spits out from your mouth. Need to get out more and travel to oher places than just sit behind a computer and trash talk about people when All of your Criticism is from the baised newsmedia.

Adobe pre-release of Flash Player 10.1 now available (

Jan 22nd 2010 6:36PM Only MAC users with problems, everyone else even Linux users run Flash good. Must be Apple. Because Apple hardware supposedly Premium hardware should be able to run Flash at really low CPU cycles, but Knowing Apple Controlling their systems like 1984.(I mean where is the other Hardware Manufacturers to lower prices? Ah forgot Apple sues them from making Mac's. Not to mention Apples's Blind, Dog-loyal Customers don't even realize this.

YouTube videos now available in HTML5: Good riddance, Flash (

Jan 22nd 2010 6:03PM Actually I tend to support Firefox till the end. I don't hate Chrome or Safari. It's just that Firefox has more open standards and open source is free, helpful, seems to have mentioned Android....As with Windows Mobile or browsers, Microsoft seems to be losing remarkable market share yearly. Firefox generally is 2nd to IE in Browser Market Share, so thus Firefox has more of an influence than safari or chrome combined.(Yes more market share does have some influence) I seem to see many complaining about Flash taking up too much CPU, especially on Mac people. Just a suggestion, Update your Flash player to the latest version! I have my Flash [player taking only about 10-15% CPU power only running on "Core 2 Dou 2.16ghz processor," really low and that's running HD flash video. Many people do not update their drivers as well so thus they need something to blame, Scapegoating Flash. Admit the real reason. Google owns "Youtube," and based on their unknown business plans, yes business its no surprise they choose to follow this step. @Numpty: You hit the target: "H.264 is a patent-encumbered codec, and carries a licensing fee. Apple and Microsoft recoup this fee by charging users for its products. Firefox doesn't, so it's stuck with free codecs." Microsoft is losing it, EU doesn't seem to agree with Corps like Microsoft, Intel..., with the way people are right now economically seems the way to go. Innovation is faster when it is not limited by boundaries or restrictions.(Google's Android thoughts) Google needs Chrome to grow, thus grow Chrome OS, wants people to grow "Internet Dependant", in turn more revenue from ads for Google. Google is paving its own path to domination in controlling much Software....Something Microsoft was doing but Google was born after Microsoft and thus will enhance its Footprint deeper into our Digital World.
Wait and See...Its not a Dream

Judge Confiscates Boy's Wii, Will Return for Good Behavior (Switched)

Nov 6th 2009 11:28AM These parents fail, they cannot even Parent their own Child? I still spank my kids no matter what people think, even in public if they act up. It seems parents these days forget they are adults and instead try to be friends with their children. Thier has to be a fine line between the child and the parent, in which the parent has to demonstrate he makes the rules not he child or a judge in his life.

World Series Ring or World-Class Model? (Asylum)

Oct 20th 2009 12:33PM IF you have Firefox press CTRL and +, if you have IE press F11.
Anyways I Do not why girls do not exercise to look HOT! I love Hot girls. Girls who know they are HOT have more "Confidence" and feel good about themselves.
SOME GIRLS have Potential. I see girls with Nice Faces but with fat stomach and fat body. Exercise by walking up the stairs Instead of using the Elevator, Eat LESS fat foods, Don't sit all day, Walk to the store instead of driving. Small steps lead to large outcomes (Smaller stomach Attractive Curves!!!)
No one wants a large women...