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Joyswag: Dreamcast Collection, soundtrack vinyl and 'Still Thinking' hoodie (Joystiq)

Mar 21st 2011 10:55PM Phantasy Star Online. Absolutely. :P

(On that note, Spiral Knights almost reminds me of the first time I ever played PSO. Almost. Less social.)

New Apple patent suggests advanced iPhone gaming (

Nov 4th 2010 9:25PM Dangit, this is the problem with patents... they're patenting game concepts now.

Miyamoto wants to get DS into classrooms (with permission) (Joystiq)

Mar 21st 2010 8:59PM You were in grammar school in 2004? Damn, how old are you? XD

HTC A9292 'Supersonic' shows up in another inventory listing (Engadget)

Mar 18th 2010 8:22PM @thesafecigarette I'm sorry, but you just failed.

Make it four: Google's Nexus One coming to Sprint (Engadget)

Mar 17th 2010 9:58PM @KAL326

*sigh* I got the Moment as well, but a week before you did. Having battery life issues, so I'm considering exchanging it for a Hero... but if this or the Legend is coming out soon... then I want that!

Oh, wait. I got it from RadioShack. So I couldn't exchange it for a Nexus One anyway.

First iPad ad premieres during the Oscars (Engadget)

Mar 8th 2010 12:20AM @jimmylittle Open standard? Patent-encumbered. Not to mention Quicktime itself is closed and proprietary.

Sprint promises its first WiMAX handset by this summer, could be the Supersonic (Engadget)

Feb 19th 2010 4:18PM @chnwa3 So you sarcastically read the post.

Tinker and Hold 'em coming to Games for Windows - for free! (Download Squad)

Nov 11th 2009 11:14PM Ultimate from Home Basic? How about Windows Media Center, Aero Glass, Remote Desktop, domain login functionality, and all that other stuff? And yes, Bitlocker.

Vista Ultimate was meant to be the one version of Vista with all the features from Home Premium and all the features from Business, plus more. (Bitlocker) If you bought it because of a few little games, then sorry, but you didn't do your research.