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Judge rules that circumventing DRM is not illegal (Download Squad)

Jul 26th 2010 9:37PM EULAs are not legally binding.

Will Windows 7 boot faster than Vista? Don't bet on it (Download Squad)

Oct 11th 2009 8:38AM I agree with Jason in the sense that a couple of seconds one way or the other really don't matter these days. For the record, my Vista boot is incredibly streamlined now, but whatever I did for the big boost (I'm sure I've done everything to my gramps' that I've done to mine, but there's still like a 20 second gap) I can't remember for the life of me; we're talking boot to browser in 35 seconds. Whether W7 is slightly quicker or slower, however, doesn't mother me all that much. I probably won't upgrade unless I get a new laptop, anyway!