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Angry Birds iOS update ends their Frontier Badlands adventure with 15 new levels, a Golden Egg and ads (Download Squad)

Mar 18th 2011 7:40AM I am willing to pay a Extra Buck to get of of the redundant ad's .. the same ads are on the level select screen pretty much .. it is kinda lame .. i would buy a ultra collectors ed and not get any ads ever ?

Banshee media player for Windows goes alpha (Download Squad)

Feb 24th 2011 12:30PM MediaMonkey !

WinZip System Utilities Suite giveaway (Download Squad)

Feb 15th 2011 7:16AM I like cheese

Jeri Ryan, Michael Jai White reprise 'Rebirth' roles in Mortal Kombat live-action series (Joystiq)

Feb 14th 2011 12:38PM Damn i thought it was Michael jaleel white .. Strait up Steve Urkel

Dragon Age 2, Your Shape and Disney come to Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace (Joystiq)

Dec 31st 2010 7:55AM Ahhh where the heck is Simba ???

Def Jam Rapstar adds Kinect support, drops price (Joystiq)

Dec 23rd 2010 9:10AM I rented it from Game fly ,, holy crap its hard .. it goes way to fast , i thought i was a decent rapper when it comes to singing along in the car .. but in real life i am just sad

Gran Turismo 5 review: Driven by perfection (Joystiq)

Nov 24th 2010 6:56AM IGN review title : Driven to perfection?
joystiq Review Title: Driven by perfection?

You guys should fight

Speed up Firefox page loading time without using a RAM disk (Download Squad)

Nov 11th 2010 12:09PM I did using Minefield 4.0b8pre.. But i am on a slow work network / Will test at home to see if its better ..

Speed up Firefox page loading time without using a RAM disk (Download Squad)

Nov 11th 2010 11:26AM It seems ... Slower for me .. noticeably slower .. Oh well time to set it back the way it was

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