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WordPress 2.5.1 security update (Download Squad)

Apr 27th 2008 7:47AM I'd rather have a system that keeps updating and fixing things than one that stays stagnant for a year.

I never had any problems with WP incremental upgrades, they usually take me 2 mins or less, but if even that is too long, you can set-up SVN autoupdating and be done with it :-)

TreasureMyText stores your text messages online (Download Squad)

Apr 15th 2008 6:58AM Essente,

as a user of TMT, I would love to help clear up some of the confusion and also answer a few of your questions.

Your phone does not automatically forward text messages to TMT, not unless you set it up to do so, so no extra cost, unless you, personally, decide to forward your SMS.

Receiving SMS is free over here, but this may be provider dependent. Obviously, if you pay for receiving SMS, this is not something that TMT has under control and as such, cannot be attributed to them.

You state that carriers will charge you for an international rate, however, this is largely dependent on the fact that TMT simply has not expanded into other markets. The service you mention, Peekamo, for example, does not have a shortcode in the Netherlands, so I, as a Dutch user, would be charged an international rate, as opposed to sending free SMS (up to 1000 each month) to the "local" TMT number.

My views are obviously biased (as are yours), but I find it hard to compare two different services to one another.

You go on to state that Peekamo also has that "web 2.0 / social life thingy going" and that is where the services differ. TreasureMyText is an online storage solution for text messages (hence the name) as opposed to Peekamo which is a social networking site (according to their FAQ).

Once again, you state that receiving SMS from Peekamo is free on your phone and thereby imply that receiving texts from TMT is billed against your account. I have been using TMT for a couple of months now and have not paid for one single SMS I received from their site, but again, this might be operator independent.

You state that sending SMS with Peekamo is free (TMT charges 5 cent for SMS, to any location in the world.), however, in your blog post, go on to state that every short message has a short advertisement attached to it. This is, again, where the services differ.

When you save a short message from a loved on, you do not want to have any contextual ads attached to it, not even if that makes the service free, but your opinion might deviate from mine in this case.

TMT's site also, similarly to Peekamo, offers the possibility to send text messages (which are received as being sent from your own number, so your contacts can directly answer you, instead of the website).

All in all, while the services utilize the same underlying technology, namely SMS, the features offered are very different to each other.

Please note that I am not affiliated with TreasureMyText, I am just a very happy user of their service.

How To: Transfer your PuTTY settings between computers (Download Squad)

Feb 1st 2007 4:29PM Or, you could have just used PortaPutty available via http://socialistsushi.com/portaputty

Welcome to StyleDash! (StyleList (Main))

Sep 13th 2006 4:50PM Sweetness. I gotta get one of those for my GF!