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Firefox 3.5 passes IE7 as most popular web browser (Download Squad)

Dec 22nd 2009 6:15AM microsoft internet explorer was the great headache for internet users and web developers during all the passed years. it integrated ugly and inconvenient standards that helped microsoft in taking control over the whole web development and converting it in disgusting commercial trash. they succeeded in that things in some extance. but internet as global network is too important and useful thing for humanity to let one rich company to control it just for increasing its profits and actually use against the people interests. that means to be evil.
mozilla firefox is great modern and useful thing made by people for people. and now it wins. it wins and it means that people win!
they win in defending their inerests in opposition to one company that trying to poison everyone for getting more and more money on every step.
all internet explorer "advantages" are too bloated and very often it is not truth. internet explorer fails in modern standards support and speed tests, that is evident. it means exactly one thing: opensource community making code for people is much more powerful thing than one closedsource commercial company making code just for money.
i work in information technologies about ten years. when i saw ie the first time in windows95 i thought that they are cheeting me! because i couldnt find the real difference between windows explorer (which was file manager and shell in my windows system) and internet explorer that seemed to me the same program accessing web. so i avoided internet explorer usage cause i worried about my security...
but now i really happy that internet usage became so fast and smart due to such modern and useful things as mozilla firefox and google chrome. thank you a lot! =)

Gmail Notifier: you know Google already does this, right? (Download Squad)

Sep 30th 2009 9:39PM gmail notifier by google can be useful as new incoming mail notifier and system global mailto links handler (with option to choose one of web browsers installed). it is tiny and small (the single exe is needed, ~500kb size), but it has two basic disadvantages:
1. it doesnt support google apps accounts (google apps for your domain, corporate gmail);
2. it has some problems when working simultaneously with google toolbar.
but google talk can be used instead!
it has various notification functions, mailto links handler option, has text messenging and voice support, file transfering features and supports both personal and corporate gmail versions.
for miltiple accounts support run google talk multiple times with the following command line: googletalk.exe /nomutex

gmail notifier made by is slow, ugly and bloated.
i think it is something like but for free.

p.s. mozilla firefox with prism or google chrome can provide full-featured desktop implementation of web application.