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Google censors torrent, download terms from suggestions and Instant (Download Squad)

Jan 27th 2011 12:02PM Interestingly enough, if you go ahead and type in the word torrent, it will give some more suggestions. hahahaha. Too funny.

SugarSync giveaway: win a 30GB account for a year (Download Squad)

Nov 10th 2010 4:44PM I want an upgrade! =)

A list of Google Instant's banned words and phrases (Download Squad)

Sep 29th 2010 4:04PM Just FYI, in my Chrome Canary Build, with the instant turned on in the Omnibar, none of these apply. I tried entering some pretty explicit and offensive stuff, and it never did block them. Thought that might be worth noting.

Mozilla bringing Firefox Home to BlackBerry, Symbian, and Facebook and Twitter access (Download Squad)

Sep 28th 2010 8:55PM Now, the article content itself is cool! I think this is a great step towards WORLD DOMIN.... em, product popularity and a larger user-base.

On the other hand, for some reason this particular article makes Chrome Canary Build crash every single time I try to load it, so I had to open up trusty ol' Opera to post this comment. Anyone else having problems with this page and the Chrome Canary Build as well?

Google Instant integration lands in Chrome Canary (Download Squad)

Sep 12th 2010 1:47PM I would like to point out that if Google Instant is not working for some reason, or you are having issues with it in Google Chrome Canary Build, the old standard, http://www.keyboardr.com is in essence the same thing, although it's been around much longer. Also, I've never seen a "too many requests" type of message while using it. It's also much more keyboard-friendly.

SPlayer is a lean, powerful video player for Windows (Download Squad)

Sep 10th 2010 8:39PM @dreedone: +1 on the automatic subtitle downloader. It usually finds the exact set of subtitles, and almost always syncs them perfectly.

Billy is a truly tiny, minimalistic music player for Windows (Download Squad)

Sep 10th 2010 8:33PM I do know for a fact that Foobar2000 has played almost every audio file I've thrown at it: M4A, AIFF, WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC, etc... In fact, it's my personal preference to convert FLAC (or other Apple-unsupported files) to M4A to copy to my iPod Touch.

Google's buckyballs doodle KILLED THE PLANET (Download Squad)

Sep 6th 2010 5:55PM Don't forget to unplug the plasma tv as well. I've been told the plasma ones draw a good amount of power even while off.

JailbreakMe: iPhone 4 jailbreaking made easy by iPhone Dev Team (Download Squad)

Aug 3rd 2010 11:07AM You will most likely need to add another repository to Cydia and install the latest beta of Mobile Terminal. I think it's the only one that works on iOS 4.

JailbreakMe: iPhone 4 jailbreaking made easy by iPhone Dev Team (Download Squad)

Aug 2nd 2010 3:54PM It should be safe. Just MAKE SURE TO BACKUP. This is the key, because that is how you are going to in-jailbreak it, if you decide it's not for you (or you need to send it to Apple). I jailbroke my fairly new iPod Touch 3rd gen 32gb using this method. Believe it or not, it is worth it. You can install Backgrounder and run almost any app in the background, even if the app doesn't support iOS 4 multitasking. Also, don't freak out if your screen goes black and freezes for a minute. It should boot fine in a minute. Good luck.