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Windows Mobile 7 coming soon -- here's some leaked details (Download Squad)

Feb 7th 2010 11:22AM The iPhone already has that level of multitasking, but that's not good enough. When people call for mobile multitasking, they mean running 2+ full apps simultaneously, as well as several low-level utility apps running background while browsing or calling.

I find this hard to beleive MS would omit this functionality, given WM 6 has multitasking.

SourceForge blocks Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan and Cuba (Download Squad)

Jan 25th 2010 1:37PM As others have said, this is not SF's fault. They are merely complying with US export law. Open Source has nothing to do with it anyway, as the code itself is not being restricted, the American personnel and server resources that deliver the content are restricted. As Joe said, one can use another code repository, the law won't go after the code.

It is also true that in the short run, embargoes of any kind hurt people of a sanctioned country more than its leaders. The end-goal here is not to permanently deny people of sanctioned countries goods and services, the goal is to heap so much inconvenience and frustration on the countries that eventually their leaders give in or their people revolt and oust their leaders. Google, SF, Apple, these are American groups using American resources, and are beholden to American law and policy. If they really, really dislike it, they relocate. But obviously they don't dislike it that much.

I do wonder, though, if it would be more effective to instead make available to people of these nations the technological tools to circumvent the censorship imposed by their own governments. Cutting people off does alienate them, and then just makes them more susceptible to the drivel their leaders spew. If people of these countries were pulled into the world internet community, despite their leaders' efforts to the contrary, they may better be quickened to revolution.

Regardless, nothing is going to get better until the leaders of these countries change their politics (unlikely), die and are replaced by more moderate leaders (most likely), or are overthrown by their own dissatisfied people (least likely, but would get the job done most effectively).

SourceForge blocks Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan and Cuba (Download Squad)

Jan 25th 2010 1:13PM It's not the actions of terrorists in their countries, it's the actions of those coutries' leadership, either being threatening like North Korea, tacitly condoning terrorism, or perpetuating unjust governments. There are known terrorists in Pakistan but the country is not sanctioned because their state leadership does not harbor or condone terrorism and cooperates in ending it.

ControlPad: Customizable app launcher for numeric keypad fans (Download Squad)

Sep 27th 2009 5:22PM Love the idea of keypad navigation, just not hot on memorizing the numerical mappings. More useful might be a popup list (possibly with application icons for easy recognition) with a number next to each. Type in the number and enter to execute whatever command is mapped. If one becomes a pro and gets everything memorized, such a popup could easily be disabled. Such a utility would be the best hybrid between ControlPad and Launchy.