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Using Google Chrome's bookmark menu? Get ready to kiss it goodbye. (Download Squad)

Aug 15th 2010 7:40PM Hmmm... i a Google Chrome fan.
Why not try out "boot up" time :D!
I think there we've got a winner!

Palm Pixi shows off 3D gaming chops with webOS 1.4.5 release (video) (Engadget)

Aug 12th 2010 7:29PM Not the best 3D have to say...

Exclusive: Sony Ericsson to introduce Android 3.0 gaming platform and PSP Go-like smartphone (Engadget)

Aug 12th 2010 7:26PM Last time I've seen so many good comments was on iPhone 4 announcing post...
Looking good but I have to say I am REALLY disappointed with SE support and I said to myself never SE again...

Twitter launching official Tweet buttons this week (update: they're here!) (Engadget)

Aug 11th 2010 7:53PM Looking Cool......
Tweet me. I mean this...

iPhone 4 KIRF reviewed, can its 'WVGA screen village' compare? (video) (Engadget)

Aug 11th 2010 11:11AM It should be called "CrapPhone 4" or "iCrap 4"...

Canon 7D vs Barbie Video Girl... fight! (video) (Engadget)

Aug 11th 2010 9:26AM That's actually not bad for $50...

Who should I follow on Twitter? Seriously into HD edition (Engadget)

Aug 9th 2010 5:19PM @archkron They've fixed it now...

Who should I follow on Twitter? Seriously into HD edition (Engadget)

Aug 9th 2010 5:05PM Did anyone notice that "Ben Bowers" doesn't have a link next to his name?