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Recent Comments:

Test Drive: Updated (already) (Joystiq Xbox)

Sep 12th 2006 2:08AM Good that there is an update already. Cool!

All 48 original Simpsons shorts available for download (AOL TV)

Sep 12th 2006 1:49AM Yeah. This is awesome. Thank you.

Four-level lunchbox for adults (Slashfood)

Sep 12th 2006 1:47AM Though it can't be microwaved, I still like it. I could store different foods in it. Is there another color for it? :D

Improving your chances for a healthy birth (ParentDish)

Sep 12th 2006 1:42AM Thanks for this info. All tips are practical and can be done or practiced right away.

Marc Jacob Capra Satchel, Handbag of the Day (Luxist)

Sep 12th 2006 1:38AM That is so nice. I love the color and style. But the price is too much. $300 at most for that purse.

North American, Japanese PS3 launch limited to 500,000 units (Joystiq)

Sep 12th 2006 1:33AM Delayed release on some territories and now limited units. Damn SOny! This is gonna be hard on your side then coz they say that 360 will cut down their prices once ps3 is launched.

Disney's third wave of Blu-ray Discs (Engadget HD)

Sep 12th 2006 1:16AM This a nice collection. Planning to buy one. What were the movies in the first and second wave blu ray discs?

Scary' Fish: Frightening or Phony? (Divester)

Sep 11th 2006 11:58PM Freaky looking but I think that fish is real.

Internet Explorer 7 sucks on standards (Download Squad)

Sep 11th 2006 11:24PM IE7 destroyed my design. When I tried it in Firefox, it was working so well. What's wrong with IE?! No clue.

Rachel Weisz in for Mummy 3? (Cinematical)

Sep 11th 2006 11:18PM Mummy 3? What now? Another sequel. I cannot imagine what could be the scenes...another treasure hunting kinda type scenes or what is the twist this time. Then let's just see what the movoie can bring to us viewers once they are out.