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Watch CARB meeting online and live right now (Autoblog Green)

Mar 27th 2008 10:11PM They screwed the mandate again.

Cursor*10 - Time Waster (Download Squad)

Jan 7th 2008 6:36PM Here's the answer to getting to the sixteenth floor. (Spoiler alert!)








Hold all switches on all levels, then the final staircase will appear.

VIDEO: Riding the PCH and more in a Tesla Roadster! (Autoblog Green)

Nov 19th 2007 5:20PM Good. By the looks of the agreeing comments, I'm not crazy. Dog food is for dogs... the Tesla Roadster is for roads.

This video makes me want one SO MUCH MORE!

But I think I can only afford an Aptera (and that's a stretch).

VIDEO: Riding the PCH and more in a Tesla Roadster! (Autoblog Green)

Nov 18th 2007 7:10PM Wow. See, I've realized why I only read autobloggreen, and not the regular autoblog. I had no idea that normal people take their cars to a track.

The Tesla Roadster... is for the road.

Am I insane?

Witch - a better task switcher for your Mac (Download Squad)

Jul 29th 2007 7:15PM That's a transparent background, not an opace one (opaque would be a solid color).

Giveaway: have an iPhone on us! (Engadget)

Jul 1st 2007 2:43PM I'm looking forward to using the touch screen to see if one really does "get better" at typing because I completely destroyed words when i was at the Apple store.

Microsoft Silverlight coming to a Linux box near you (Download Squad)

Jun 24th 2007 2:31AM Who wants to bet that this won't be available for Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo or other distros that haven't caved into Microsoft's demands?

Some theory behind Mac OS X's menubar (Download Squad)

May 12th 2007 3:28PM I still love the classic CLI.

George Foreman's iGrill (

May 3rd 2007 5:39PM Uhh... this is the *real* iGrill.

Apple's touch sensitive mouse design axes scroll ball (Engadget)

Apr 13th 2007 1:18AM Ugh, why must they make us go through strange contortions to do something that's worked simply for years? Buttons aren't evil! On the current mighty mouse, to do a right click, you must LIFT your finger from the left side, and push down while ONLY touching the right side. Very unnatural. This makes it look like you'll have to touch some "hot spot" on the mouse in order to scroll. That SUCKS. I'd sooner use a Wiimote on my computer (many already do).