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iOS 5 to feature 'completely revamped' notifications, widgets (

May 28th 2011 5:32AM iOS5 Needs to up the game, this widget and notification rumour if true will be a god send. It's what's missing and is currently giving android the edge!

Gartner and IDC agree: the Android invasion's accelerating around the world (Engadget)

Aug 12th 2010 7:26AM @WayneS as an android user I'd say its pretty fragmented. Not that its harming growth but it does mean the app store isn't as strong. I have apps on my HTC desire that my mate can't get on his HTC wildfire

iOS 4.0.2 for iPhone/iPod touch, iOS 3.2.2 updates available now (

Aug 12th 2010 4:45AM Imagine if lived in a country where data restrictions were expensive, this 1 update would do you over

HTC Sync 3.0 for Wildfire hands-on: iTunes sync tested (video) (Engadget)

Aug 3rd 2010 6:33PM Still no mac support making my android phone even less of a good all in one device

Adobe gets ready to release Air 2.5 for Android, plus FlashTime video chat app (Download Squad)

Jul 20th 2010 9:40AM What current standard was out for video calling then? Ohhhh wait, there wasn't. I remember the days where my nokia wouldn't video chat with a sony ericsson

Also, what a cack handed demonstration

Mac OS X 10.6.4 is in Software Update (

Jun 15th 2010 5:55PM Yay screen corruption will soon be a thing of the past on my macbook

Apple releases Safari 5 with Safari Reader, Extensions and Bing search (updated) (Engadget)

Jun 7th 2010 7:12PM @DefPoet Sorry Microsoft software on OSX flys? Clearly haven't checked out office for mac....

Henge Docks: finally, a well designed docking station for Apple's MacBook line (Engadget)

Apr 19th 2010 6:43PM Only downside is for every macbook change/upgrade I'll need to get a new henge dock, though these are deffo very cool

Five Foxconn workers attempt suicide in last month, are we the cause? (Engadget)

Apr 8th 2010 7:00AM 5 people out of 300,000 people. I think more people commit suicide in my 2 neighbouring cities in a month and their population is on par with that.