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Paul OFlaherty

Member since: Sep 14th, 2009

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Paul and Sara's Twitter Wedding - An Urlesque Video Interview (Urlesque)

Jun 19th 2010 7:29AM Thanks for recording this Jay. Was really great to get to explain why we are doing what we are doing :)

Should Twitter really count URL characters against you? (Download Squad)

Sep 14th 2009 5:11PM There are other solutions. The first being to run your own persoanl URL shortner service so if your site goes dead, so does your url shortner and it's no major lost to the web's link structure.

The second is to have all the URL shortners sign up with something like 301works.org which will hopefully maintain the links even if the service dies.

But as for not counting URL characters at the expense of mobile users... That's just wrong. When twitter sent updates to mobile numbers in Ireland I was an avid user, despite the cost of texting England (closest twitter number) to update. Making users pay to retrieve a URL is an unfair and inelegant solution.