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Kevin Butler comes out of 'retirement' for new PlayStation campaign, 'Long Live Play' (Joystiq)

Aug 31st 2011 5:57PM So we've gone from "It only does everything" to "Wait, don't forget to buy some games!"

Sony's HMZ-T1 head-mounted 3D display available in Japan on Nov. 11 (Joystiq)

Aug 31st 2011 5:51PM Do it without 3D and I'd buy one. I wouldn't mind 3D, but it's not essential and I'd rather pay less.

I've wanted a pair of video glasses for a while, but the models already out are sub-SD. If it had a TV tuner, in addition to HDMI, it would be perfect.

I just want to watch TV in bed.

iOS 5 to feature 'completely revamped' notifications, widgets (

May 28th 2011 10:57AM I just want a landscape option on iPhone like we have for iPad. If I'm switching between two landscape apps, I want the home screen to be the same way.

Building apps for big celebrities (

May 27th 2011 3:36PM Tyson has gone from accepting large amounts of money from Nintendo for putting his name on the game, to paying money to someone else to make a copy of that same game.

Another phishing email takes on Apple themes (

May 23rd 2011 11:00AM If they wanted people to download the file, they should have shown an iPhone concept that people might actually want.

What's the point of a transparent phone?

Man uses Prey to track stolen MacBook Pro hundreds of miles, calls thief (

May 13th 2011 1:14PM Personally, I think alleged criminals should be prosecuted... but that's just me.

And probably most of the world.

University of Delaware campus will host an Apple Store of some kind (

May 13th 2011 11:48AM I'm sorry in advance for your Barnes & Noble store. I assume you have B&N College as your bookstore now, charging 20% more for books than you'd pay at a real Barnes & Noble.

Apple patent reveals unused iPad design with two USB slots (

May 10th 2011 3:57PM The newer Apple TV has Micro USB.

Ramp Champ goes free in App Store (

May 6th 2011 5:24PM Apple seems to have a hard time making price adjustments show on iTunes. The same thing happens almost every time an app is given away.

iOS 5 may offer over-the-air software updates (

May 5th 2011 1:52AM I think people downloading updates from the direct link are a very small minority, restricted mostly to people who read this or other Apple blogs.